Anyone else ever get the double whammy of a Endoscopy and Colonoscopy?

Just wondering what my day is gonna be like.

Just make sure they wash that probe off in between.

Yes, I have. Sedation is a wonderful thing. I recommend propofol if you have any say in the matter. Versed doesn’t work very well on me. :mad:

Do you have any specific questions I can answer?


I’ve had a Colonoscopy before but never the Endoscopy. Will I end up with a sore throat or any other side effects. Thanks!

If I recall correctly, my voice was a little hoarse, but really no side effects that bothered me at all. I was expecting more drama. :slight_smile: One of those things where worrying about was much worse than the actual experience.

Thanks for the reassurances Sunny Daze. Now excuse me while I mix my first dose of MoviPrep :o

Yes, had both done a couple months ago.

The procedure itself was a piece of cake. (Of course, I was knocked out the entire time.) I woke up feeling perfectly normal.

The prep was the hardest part…

Make sure they give you enough sedation. I woke up in the middle of an endoscopy. It was “unpleasant”.

Its been one hour since I downed my first doses of MoviPrep.

I…I… I gotta run!

I’ve had both done, though not in the same day. Now to reach the middle part of my guts, where they couldn’t reach with either scope, they want to do something where I swallow a camera and it takes pictures as it goes through there.

I agree that the procedures themself were no problem – they had me doped up enough that it went fine. The prep required to clean out your bowels for this is much more of an annoying nuisance. The only time I got panic-stricken in the whole process was as I was being prepped at the hospital, and the nurse said I might not be ready enough to do the procedure – I might have to go through thodse 2 days of prep again! I was never so grateful as when the doctor said “No problem – we can deal with that during the procedure.”

So t-bonham, did you swallow the camera?

I did both on the same day. I had had a previous unpleasant experience with sedation, so I did them both wide awake.

Yes, I had a slightly sore throat afterwards. I found the upper endoscopy unpleasant, because it triggered my gag reflex. The colonoscopy was fine. A little crampy going in, but I enjoyed the show on the way out. The whole shebang didn’t take very long.

Any other questions?

I had both at the same time, last year. I only have a vague memory of being asked to move during the colonoscopy, and have absolutely no recollection of the endoscopy. No soreness afterward, from either. The prep was the worst part.

Not yet.
I’m being resistant. I keep asking “if it does show minor bleeding in my intestine, what will you do about it?” As long as they keep answering “Probably nothing, but we’d like to know…” I decline to swallow this camera (and recover it when it comes out the other end!)

This. So did I. F-ing horrible!

Oh boy, that reminds me of the Woody Allen quote, “I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”

So, are they going to do both at the same time just to see if they can touch both scopes together in your stomach?

I had both done. AFAIK it wasn’t any bigger deal than a colonoscopy.

I had to clean out anyhow and Fast. Getting my throat and stomach checked confirmed that I have GERD. I’ve been on omeprazole ever sense.

I’m on a regular diet. I have elected to give up spicy foods. No Mexican food for me anymore.

The OP will make *epic *burps and farts. I scared the cat when I got home.

After the procedures, I woke up, still groggy, hearing the nurse yell, “FART! YOU HAVE TO FART!” at the patient in the bed next to mine. I LOL’d until I had tears in my eyes.

Me either. Apparently I tried to punch someone when they gave me Versed and then tried to put in the endoscope. Whoops. But I’m a happy propofol user.