Anyone else following UTMB?

Any other ultrarunning fans on the Dope? As of midnight, EDT, Zach Miller is leading Xavier Thevenard by a mere 20 seconds, with Tim Tollefson 20 minutes behind them. Meanwhile, on the women’s side, it’s - big surprise - Caroline Chaverot leading a Colombian runner I’m not familiar with.

After his disappointing DQ at Hardrock, I have to think Thevenard has a chip on his shoulder. Don’t know if he’s been told yet that Killian Jornet has dropped, but that’s only going to encourage him.

Meanwhile, Jim Walmsley hasn’t even cracked the top 15. He likes to run from the front - he led wire-to-wire when he set the course record at Western States earlier this year. So I’ll be interested to see if he can make a late charge.

On the women’s side, I’m keeping an eye on Cat Bradley and Kaci Licktieg. Both in the top 15 right now.

Are you talking about this?

I was, yes. And then went off to spend the weekend volunteering at a book festival, so could neither follow the race or post on the thread. And apparently I was the only Doper interested in the race. Ah well, so it goes.

I have been following via a couple different Facebook groups posting.

I have a hard time with names, keeping track of runners is a pain for me, but I am interested in the overall Ultra scene.

Oh, my running claim to fame is that I have been lapped by Kaci.

Which is pretty cool.

Jackie Merritt lives in my town, and has run with my running group a couple of times. (She was 6F in 2017’s Western States, the highest place of any East Coast runner).