The Running Dope. Win a billion New Dollars!

I got the idea for this game after clicking on a thread entitled “The Running Thread” in MPSIMS. The server was pretty slow once again, and while waiting for it to be opened, the association to Stephen King’s Running Man popped up within my very sick mind.
The thread turned out to be about jogging (OK, in retrospect I admit I could’ve guessed that), so twas nothing for me* because I’m way too lazy. But I liked the Running Man idea, and that’s why I post this thread.

It’s an adaptation of the Running Man game show in King’s novel. One SDMB member is secretly chosen as runner. He’s hunted by the rest of the community (or, at least, by that part of the rest that participates here) that doesn’t know the runner’s identity. It works like this:

The runner gets some sort of assignment regularly (every day would be too often, maybe once or twice a week). The assignment consists of some term, phrase or grammatical (s)he has to use in any of his/her posts on any of the SDMB sections. It must be a little off the normal everyday language, but not too strange because it must not be too evident. The assignment is published in MPSIMS.

After some time, say a few weeks, the game is over. Every hunter may now post his guess on who the runner is. If the runner is “caught”, he loses, and the successful hunter wins.

Might seem a bit strange, my fellow dopers, but I think it would be a nice idea. Whaddaya think?
Suggestions for an alternative concept are very much appreciated.
[sub] * Joggers forgive me. That’s not to tarnish the reputation of jogging in any way. I myself just am not te sports guy.[/sub]

I think this is a very very very cool idea. Count me in for it.

So what’s a billion N$ worth anyways? 37c European? :slight_smile:

I have no idea, ask King :wink: