Anyone else getting a little tired of Bummer Adele?

Given, she’s got one hell of a clear voice, but every single song of hers I’ve ever heard is so depressing. Granted, I have not heard her entire library, but I’ve never heard an upbeat song from her. My early 20s aged carpooler rolls her eyes & sighs when “Hello” begins its solemn drag to melancholy on the radio, so I know of at least one other person who gets a sense of “lighten up!” When her songs come on.
Anyone else suffering “Hello” fatigue?

I’m disappointed that her music doesn’t reflect her current life. She’s married now, has a baby, a lot of money, and by all accounts her life is pretty good. Music should reflect the ups and downs in an artist’s life. At least write a few positive songs for a change.

I confess I don’t pay much attention to the lyrics, her voice and music washing over me is very pleasant though so no, I don’t get tired of it (though anything can become tiresome through over-exposure)

Thank you! I meant to mention this in the OP & whiffed.

That woman could depress a hyena.:frowning:

When she comes on the radio, I change the station.

She’s made a lot of money about being a bummer.

Does she have one uptempo song other than Rumor Has It?

She is a faker and a melodramatic downer making what has been called “Granny Music” by Noel Gallagher and he is right.

There’s a little song called “Rolling In The Deep”. But yes, I tend to agree she’s pretty depressing. I like the person and her voice (she’s not a faker :rolleyes:), but I’ve had enough pathos.

I don’t agree that what a person writes should reflect their current life. I’ve no problem with a lyricist drawing on prior experiences.

I’m in the “granny music” age range so that generalization doesn’t characterize me.

To clarify, she has pipes and isn’t faking that. But I think she makes a whole lot of drama out of scant compositional material. The reason you can do that now is IMO because of the American Idolization of pop music.

And she isn’t in the same universe as Amy Winehouse was.

"Your obedient … G. Washington!"

(Supply your own drum roll!)

Most of the songwriters I’ve talked to agree that it’s harder to write about happiness, contentment and joy than misery, pain and depression.

I erased all her music from my phone and took it out of my Winamp rotation.


Mostly I just want to tell her to get the fuck over the guy and move on. It’s over. He doesn’t want to meet after all these years, see you at the party or go over everything. Calling him a thousand times, even to say you’re sorry is stalkerish. Love the voice, way over the failed relationship.

The better half has unliked all her songs from Pandora and leaps for the radio buttons when she comes on. I haven’t quite reached that level of saturation.

Glad to know I’m not the only one! I really like her voice, but the bulk of her library…sheesh. Put that voice to work on something other than love dirges!

Have you listened to the lyrics?:frowning:

She’s a wonderful singer, and I generally like the music. But I would also like to hear her take on some new topics. They can even be depressing topics worthy of her most baleful performance. Just no more breakup songs for a while.

Or she should listen to Dwight Yoakam and learn a proper breakup song or two.

Was wondering why the homophobia toward the woman :slight_smile:



The interesting thing about Adele is how adult her songs are, as compared to, say, Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift has the teenage break-up pathos songs. Adele sounds like Johnny Cash’s version of “Hurt.” She’s lived it. She knows that pain. And it’s day and night when you compare the two artists, until you realize that Adele (born May 1988) and Taylor Swift (born December 1989) are roughly the same age.

That astounds me. Just listening to their songs, I would have thought there was a difference of several years between them.

Guh I know she is such a mood killer. (Granted I only know her songs from the radio.)