Anyone else got Xbox and HDTV?

A few weeks ago I splurged and bought the Xbox cable for HDTV capability since my TV is HD-Ready and I figured I might as well use it. Freakin’ awesome! I thought Halo looked great before, but now that I’ve seen it in high-def., there ain’t no lookin’ back. I swear my DVDs look better now, too. If anyone out there is wondering what to do with their money, I reccomend blowing a huge chunk on this setup. Now I just need a DTS sound system.

At what hdtv resolution does it play the games in using hdtv?

Since its a hd-ready tv, not a real hdtv, are there any settings you have to make?

The settings are 480p, 720p, and 1080i, and you just have to select that under “settings” -> “video” on the Xbox. It plugs right into the HD input so the TV didn’t need any adjusting. The signal is already translated in the Xbox, so I didn’t need an external box, just the cable from the console to the TV.

Sweet. HDTV seems so far away, but I guess it’s on it’s way, huh? Let me know if you wanna get your butt kicked in Halo online. My GameSpy name is ‘FragMent’

I am running it on a Mitsubishi 65 inch HD set. Halo only runs at 480p. But it does do widescreen mode and looks pretty good.

Still, It is a far cry from 1080. Though xbox does support most of the HD formats, I am not aware of any games that use it and go higher than 480p yet.

Test Drive, which comes out tomorrow (6/11/2002) supports 1080. Yes, it is the first game to do so.