Xbox Tech

As the header implies, I have an Xbox. The only game I ever play on it is Halo. I luuuuuv Halo. The thought of getting Halo2 into my eager hands makes my teeth sweat. Neeeeed Halo2!

OK, so, I hate television, but I like watching movies, and, well, playing Halo. So I’m considering the jump to HDTV. I’m not sure what kind of set I want (projection, plasma, LCD, CRT)…doesn’t really matter. Whatever I get, it will be 36" at the least, widescreen, the usual.

Do any folks use the Xbox on an HD set now? If so, how do you like it? I understand that Halo (and someday, Halo2) only supports 480p resolution, but is this still widescreen? In other words, on an HD set, do you get 4x3 aspect ratio, or 16x9 standard on HD sets? Also, what does, fr’instance, Halo two-player look like on an HD set? I must say, even though my TV is reasonably large, I find two-player cooperative really annoying because your field of vision is so markedly reduced.

Any other discussion of the pluses and minuses of Xbox+HDTV would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!