Anyone else have mini-phobias?

Mini-phobias being irrational fears that aren’t really strong enough to affect your life.

One of my (many and sad) mini-phobias is the fear that in equalizing the pressure in my ear by swallowing or blowing my nose, I’ll pop my eardrum right out of my ear.

Another is the fear that those rubber advertising mats on the counters of convenience stores have magnetic cores and will erase all of the information on the black band on my ATM card/credit card.

Anyone else have mini-phobias?

I’m slightly afraid of walking up stairs (that I’ll fall) and escalators (I’m afraid that my shoelaces will get stuck in the top and it will grind my feet or something).

Welfy, I’ve gotten my shoelaces stuck before, it’s really not a big deal, nothing really happens, you just yank them out. Ummm… as my soon to be boyfriend can attest to I’m terrified of roller coasters. It’s nothing serious, I’ll ride them without having panic attacks I just don’t trust them at all. I’m scared the safety stuff is going to break or something. When I’m with a guy I just hold his hand really really tight and whimper. But they’re fun anyway. Does that count?


I have this stupid fear that loaches and eels want to jump down my throat.

Not snakes though. Snakes are cool.

I fear worms.

I work in an entomology department.

I’m afraid to walk down stairs holding a large object that obstructs my view of my feet. I’m afraid that if I can’t see my feet, I will miss the step and go tumbling down.

Hey wait, that one about the eels is MY phobia … give it back!

I’m scared of height. Scared? Heck, I’m TERRIFIED. Visited the Eiffel Tower once, looked down, got dizzy, puked all over. Never more. Heights scare the pants off me. But not when I’m on a plane. On a plane, I feel safe.

Ladders–specifically, getting back onto the top of one from a roof. Heights don’t faze me–I can look straight down 10,000 foot gulfs with mild interest. Nevertheless, I just know that I’m going to miss that top rung and plunge 10 feet to my death (or at least severe pain).

I think it’s the ignominy of it that bothers me.

When I was a little kit, I used to have a paralyzing, nerve-wracking fear of spiders. But over the past 10 years or so, it’s slowly gone from the ‘fear’ column over to the ‘hate’ column.

Now, any unlucky spider to happen into my field of vision is usually dead before I blink. (literally!) If I have nothing in my hands to strike it with, I use my bare hands. (If it’s dead–it can’t bite them!)

A mini-phobia, I guess. I don’t have a real -reason- to be so arachnocidal about them.


When I worked in the elevator biz we had one guy who is a big vertical transportation safety guru and he always had some “After” pictures that you wouldn’t want to see.

I have a problem with glass. Especially glass tabletops.

I don’t like having an open door behind me. It’s really because of my hearing… most times I won’t hear people come in.

I don’t like being in a dark room with a mirror. There’s something very creepy about it. I think part of it may be the “Mary Worth” factor.

Also, someone once told me that if you stare at your reflection in a dark room long enough, it will disappear. I tried it- it worked. After a couple of minutes of staring, I could see nothing but a dark silouhette.

It’s a very unnerving thing to see. Try it sometime.

Also, someone once told me that if you stare at your reflection in a dark room long enough, it will disappear. I tried it- it worked. After a couple of minutes of staring, I could see nothing but a dark silouhette.

I tried. Nothing happened, but maybe that’s because I do have a very good night vision. But my sister tried and she saw the same thing, a dark silhouette. Now she’s spooked out of her 13-year old mind. Thank you very much, ma’m!

i used to be terrified of lightning and thunder. i was 15 years old, cowering in my mom’s bed because I was scared to death. It just kinda went away though…I don’t mind it nearly as much now.

Any time I’m up high, I’m afraid I’ll jump.
I’m not afraid of the height but of myself.

Anyone else?

I fear Verne Troyer.


I do not like balloons. I hate sudden loud noises, and where there’s a balloon, there is always some smart-alec who thinks it’s funny to burst one and watch me jump. Almost as bad was the squeaky noises when someone rubbed them. Brrrrrr. I hated to go to birthday parties when I was a kid because of them.

(former)Roommate would always take a seat in a restaurant facing and in view of the front door, never where he had his back to the door. [Former cop, so I can understand, but sometimes it was really annoying, like when we had to wait an extra 20 minutes for a table where he could see the door.]

That we’ll get stuck together like dogs if we fuck in water.
Experience says we won’t ;), but it does cross my mind.

I feel very uncomfortable in cinema queues. No idea why.

And Sir Rhosis: :smiley: