Anyone else have this for dinner last night?

Experimental hot and cold soup: Pumpkin and sage; Corn and saffron; Cream of artichoke heart.


Shagpile king prawns with XO mango sauce

Virtual wild mushroom, smoked bacon and truffle oil risotto

Moroccan lamb pie

Rocket, pear and parmesan salad

Goat cheese icecream with tomato jam

Lavender creme brulee and chocolate fondant

Lab Rat

Uh, no. You went to a Wild Foods festival, by chance?

A thing called El’Circo which turned out to be as interesting as it sounded. I had a young closeup magician do some tricks literally inches away from me on the tabletop and even when I knew what he was doing I couldn’t spot him doing it.

So … where did the lab rat come into all this? Enquiring minds, an’ all that … :slight_smile:

The Lab Rat, in keeping with the experiment theme turned out to be an unfilled profiterole with a kind of coconut macaroon “fur” and a crisp curly macaroon tail served with “experimental” chocolate and vanilla cream in two massive syringes. So you injected your lab rat while consuming it.

The moroccan lamb pie involved the use of surgical gloves.

Oh, woah! :smiley: :cool: