Anyone Else having trouble with Boston Market Chicken Pot Pies scorching?

Quite disappointed. Followed the directions exactly. I wrapped the edges with aluminum foil. Oven preheated to 400 degrees. supposed to cook it 65 to 70 mins.

25 mins later I smell it burning. WTH? right in the middle. It scorched most of the top by the time it finished baking. :frowning:

I cook Marie Callender Pot pies all the time. Wrapping the edges in foil. Never scorched one yet.

This is ridiculous. Especially since they charge so much more for Boston Market. Kroger had them on sale and I decided to give them a try. Probably won’t again.

I still have one in the freezer. I’ll lower my temp to 375 next time.

Anyone Else getting these results?

heres Marie Callender Pot pies instructions. same as Boston Market. edges in Foil and 400 degrees

I guess my oven may be off a little. But I never scorched one of Marie’s. Boston Market scorched within 20 mins baking. Its weird that it scorched so early. It was probably still partially frozen. Thats one messed up product.

How is that even physically possible? The ingredient list isn’t so wildly different between brands as to have different physical properties…uh…is it? That’s super, super weird! (Or else I don’t have any idea how “cooking physics” works!)

This is a great science project, if nothing else! Buy a bunch of them, and a bunch of others from other companies that are as close as possible, and do some controlled experiments.

Have you tried microwaving one instead of oven-baking it?

Have you let their customer service contacts know about this?

Nope. No problem. I don’t wrap it in foil either, I like nice crunchy edges.

Stick a thermometer in your oven, and test the temperature. Maybe it’s gone squirrely.

The Boston M had more liquid in it. It even spilled a little on my baking sheet. I’m not sure if that did it or not.

I like baking items with crusts. Never tried microwaving a pot pie. But maybe its worth trying.

I had a oven thermometer many years ago. Tested the oven right after buying this house in 1989. Can’t find it now. I’ll buy another thermometer and test my oven again.