Anyone else leading a double life?

So is there anyone else trying to be two people? I was always told that you can either spend your life partying or go to school and get a real job? hehe I proved that theory wrong. I go to work at 8:00 every morning, hold down a good, well paying job as a computer programmer, working about 12 hours a day, then go out and party and drink too much every night. Being an insomniac helps, since I only get about 1.5 hoiurs of sleep on an average night. Is there anyone else in my clan, or am I the only one this stupid?

I’m not allowed to say…

I can’t mention my double life until after the court case (if all goes to plan check back in a couple of weeks, if not try again in 6-7 years ;))

:smiley: Only kidding

As far as a double life goes, my girlfriend does not approve of gambling. However, I play poker and enjoy the extra income. In the last two years, I have made enough playing poker to pay off my student loans and save up for a down payment on a house.

So, it seems she will enjoy the fruits of my labors without actually knowing the specifics of where the money comes from. Boy will she be surprised if we get married and the nice flow of greenbacks reverts bact to my salaried level. :smiley:

wolfman…You and I lead the same life!!!

Where do you live…maybe we can go out and party together!

In front of my family, I’m a quiet shy guy that always follows the good ways of life.

As for my underbelly, well, I don’t feel like getting arrested right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did this during high school…if you counted right it was four, actually. High school classes, college classes during lunch hour and after school, partied Friday night, worked Saturday, partied Sat night, worked Sun, did some homework, went to school.

It was a great life. Have a blast. When you start coughing up white spongy/crunchy stuff, get some sleep.

At night I pull my pants down to my ankles and head out to the mean streets of Beijing…

I am : Captain Pinga Loco!

— G. Raven

p.s. don’t tell anyone, k?

I do have to admit to a double life, yes. Everyone here knows me as just a quiet respectable moderator, father and loyal printer, but there are some days when I just have to paint my face blue, put on a floppy white hat and I become


But I don’t have a tail, so I wear the pants backwards.

You forgot the sunflower seeds! :wink:

Smurfs don’t have tails!

I, too, lead a double life.

By day I am a mild mannered bank worker, helping the teeming millions with financial problems.

However, when the the sun goes down I become lurkerman, the shadowy individual who sits here and scans the boards. Showing only fleeting glimpses of myself. My super attributes include shyness :rolleyes: quietness, and almost complete invisibilty on the boards.

What cloak? Oh, that cloak, it’s nothing, nevermind, you didn’t really see it :smiley:


They do so! Look at that little blue thing sticking out of the back of their pants–nubby, but it’s a tail!

Don’t you remember the episode where they got some sickness and kept spreading it around by biting each other’s tails saying something like, “Gnap!”?

By day I am a young cub photographer for The Daily Bugle.

But by night, I swing from the rooftops of the highrise buildings as I strike down evil villains who terrorise the city!

Yes! I am - The Amazing GuanoLad!

Actually, in all honesty, I do lead a double life. On the one hand I’m a boring dweeby geek who sits at home all day doing nothing much. But (not very) secretly, I help run a porn site and get involved as deeply as I legally can in the photography shoots that take place for it…

Well, yeah, I’m two people.

I go by two different names–one at work & grad school, the other in an organization I am in, and church, etc. One’s my married name, one’s my maiden name. I wasn’t trying to be two people-it just worked out that way. But I’ve had someone send me an email asking me to please also forward it to my other incarnation. They weren’t being funny–they really thought Cranky Smith and Cranky Jones were two different people.

Plus I think being a mom, an employee, and a doctoral candidate ought to count as being a coupla people. I can remember before I got married, I felt like I was leading a secret life. At school and work I was fairly straightlaced and serious, but sometimes I’d be dragging hind titty because I’d been out carousing until the wee hours like an undergrad. Heh.

That sounds like me! High school and college, work whenever I can fit it in, which is totally different handyperson type stuff, then pottery and other art projects…and the occasional party…I’m all over the place, it’s great. Yet I’m glad I’m almost done.

By day I’m the mild mannered student and construction worker. But as the sun falls over the horizon, I start to tremble (!!!) — I compose myself and briskly head over to the nearest phone booth. What happens there nobody shall ever know.

As I emerge with a grin I have now undergone this transformation - I have become the BIGBADBOOTY DADDY! Raiding single women’s bedrooms -nation-wide- Spreading joy and fear…happiness and cheer…a la rear!


. . .

As I awaken in bed, the following day, I brush my hair and go on my way. I think to myself… was it a dream? Well maybe things, aren’t what they seem. :wink:

Big Bad Booty Daddy–now there was a flashback I didn’t need!

Uhhhmmmm… my name’s not really Myron…

Like Wolfman, I also have a double life, but mine involves changing into a ferocious beast every time the moon is full and local travellers don’t stay off the moors.