Anyone else looking forward to Legion?

I just love Paul Bettany and the scene in the preview with the sweet grandman skittering across the ceiling freaks me out!

Kinda, but no.

I’ll see it, but I expect it to really disappoint. I like my Armageddon stories, but this just seems so derivative of every action/thriller/horror movie out there, like the writers took everything they liked about The Matrix, Terminator 2, and (oddly enough) Constantine and applied it like paste to an End-Times theme. The overwrought action-angels, wearing armor and shit? The wide-mouthed, pointy teeth, spider-like, ceiling-crawling demons disguised as trustful members of society? I’m afraid my eye-rolls won’t allow me to have any fun with this one, and I’m pretty easy going when it comes to popcorn flicks.

From the current Wiki entry:

Geez, talk about capricious. We’re told for thousands of years that there’s gonna be a second coming, and right at the last moment God sez, “Nah, fuck it, I’ve changed my mind”. Can’t we sue for breach of contract, or something?

Apparently, John fucked up Revelation.

Didn’t I basically see this movie as The Prophecy?

I see a gigantic plot hole there, unless God’s left hand doesn’t know what God’s [del]penis[/del] right hand is doing.

“MAY be pregnant with Christ in his second coming?!” You better be damn fucking sure that’s Jesus in there, before you start going all “Lucifer” on God.

Anyway, yeh, huge plot hole. Jesus and God are at odds with each other? Huh? And what happened to the “Rapture”, and the thing about The Jesus returning on the The Horse with the Flaming Blade of Retribution and all that? Jesus already did the baby thing. How well did that turn out for him the first go-round?

Man, you guys are totally harshing my mellow! :stuck_out_tongue:

Did I mention it has Paul Bettany in it???


Super hot British guy who was also in A Knight’s Tale and A Beautiful Mind!

You should be upset! It sounds like his career is now taking a dive! :wink:

I think this settles it for all time: God is several committees in a large bureaucracy.

God, Inc.

To have cooked up the idea that his son needed to die a horrible death thousands of years in the future in order to save humankind because the first two humans ate fruit that was off limits? Yeah, I’d say that God is the bureaucrat of all bureaucrats.

ETA: The dodgy theology notwithstanding, I am looking forward to this movie because I like apocalypse stories.

And I’m looking forward to it because I like Paul Bettany!

All I remember from the trailer is two really hot angels dressed like they just walked out of the local S&M club squaring off.

Hell yes I’m excited for this movie.