Anyone else looking forward to Saints Row the Third? (Game story spoilers)

I could give a tortured analogy about awesomeness but I think the trailer speaks for itself. Behold:

There’s also a great video from a developer in which he goes around town beating people with a giant dildo, firing pedestrians out of a cannon, causing mayhem with a tank and calling down airstrikes on opposing gangs. Behold again:

I know this game could end up being silly but it looks like endless fun. I want to toast some fools with the Johnny Gat-mobile!

I want a VTOL! and the cannon car looks like fun.

I especially love how you as the hero character can jump into the cannon yourself and make a quick across-the-neighborhood getaway. And of course since you are the hero character you’re the only one who notices the convenient parachutes while everyone else goes splat.

I also like how the physics aren’t too realistic. When you hit the ground after parachuting you roll but don’t take damage. Same when you slam through the side window of a car to get in or when you powerbomb some unsuspecting fool into the sidewalk. GTA4 was severely lacking for making things a little too realistic- for example I hated how going down the stairs of my hideout too fast resulted in stumbling out onto the street like a drunk. Thanks, Mr. Nico “Ragdoll” Bellic.

I know I loved Saints Row 2 - they had a mission where you drove around town with a septic tank trunk and sprayed poo on people and buildings. #3 Looks like they picked up the fun where they left off, as well as turning the fun knob up to 11…

I can’t wait!

I wonder if Pierce will get any credit for his ideas in Three. His reactions to getting scooped by Shaundi everytime are some of the funniest dialogue in SR2.

I cannot wait for this game. I still fire 2 up every once and a whike and blow shit up.

Pierce appears to be a little more badass in SR3 than he was in 2. You can see him in the trailer, although he looks way different from his look in SR2. He’s the one in the off-white suit with the big Saints medallion. Shaundi has lost the dreads and no longer bears even a passing resemblance to Eliza Dushku. No word yet if the same voice actors will be back but I sure hope so. No one could replace Eliza as Shaundi nor could anyone replace Daniel Dae Kim as foul-mouthed and furious Johnny Gat.

Another random bit of awesome: in the trailer Johnny Gat gets shot. How does he react? He smiles. Somebody throws him a gun and he gets right back up and keeps fighting.

Game does look pretty good. The animations are pretty good too. Was the second one much fun? I thought about getting it a few times but didn’t care for the first one too much.

Saints Row 2 is crazy fun. You can put on an asbestos suit, hop on a quad and drive around setting people on fire. Or you can do “insurance fraud” in which your mission is to go out on the highway and get hit by huge semis in order to rack up points.

For comparison:
1st mission of GTA III: get in a car and drive someone to a hideout
1st mission of Vice City: go see your lawyer
1st mission of San Andreas: ride a pedal bike across town
1st mission of Saints Row 2: break out of jail, picking up several weapons in the process. Get into a huge running firefight with the cops. Steal a boat and use a huge machine gun to blast pursuing helicopters and boats.

Don’t forget: you also learn how to use people as human shields and if they’re still alive when you’re done with them you can put a single bullet in their head.

If I read the guide to the trailer (yes, the official guide by the studio), that’s YOU who takes the bullet and laughs. Gat is the guy you protect, and they mention that they shouldn’t have mde them look so much alike.

I am totally looking forward to this game. Probably going to head to gamestop this weekend to put in my preorder for it so I can get the Genkimobile.

Saints Row 2 is easily one of my all time favorite games. It’s just fun. Even Yahtzee loved it. If this game is even close to being as good, it’ll be a blast.

No, Johnny Gat is in the leather jacket, see the commentary video on the trailer here:

At about 1:46 the writer says “Pierce is there with Gat at the beginning”.

I have to say I love that there is not only a kick-ass trailer but also a commentary on the trailer too! And in excellent news regarding Johnny Gat, it has been confirmed that the one and only Daniel Dae Kim will be doing the voice again!

Does Prof. Genki make a time machine man-a-pault that can shoot me into November of this year?

I like how they’re taking one of the strengths of the game and making it better, with a free, standalone character creator and the ability to import and export your character.

As long as they haven’t done anything foolish we haven’t seen yet, I’ll definitely be getting this game.

I’ll be so sad if they don’t let me keep my British accent from the second game.

YES! More Saints Row!

This is a good thing.

As long as I can import my overweight Asian female heroine in Spandex.

I love the transformation sequence for the VTOL, but you know what would make it even better? A third, GERWALK mode.

New trailer showing the first mission:

I loved Shaundi’s “Asshole!” when the boss lets her go and “How much shit was on that plane?!”

Well… fuck. You know what I said about not doing anything foolish? Well they did something foolish.

They dumbed down the character customisation. I was trying to remake my old SR2 character when I discovered it’s impossible to do so. Undershirt, overshirt and coat are all one item now, so you can’t mix and match. You also can’t change how the clothes are worn. Want to wear your coat with the hood down? Better get a new one, because this one’s apparently got rebar in it.

Oh, and it’s stupid that you can’t save the characters you make in the Initiation Station program or transfer them to your new game without going via the website. You have to make it all in one go or you’ll lose your work, and you can’t make one just for your own use.

Well, time to strap it on folks!

Saints Row The Third has officially arrived! I’m getting my copy in a few hours and I’ll be back to share the love! It may be a while before I check in though. I’ll be blasting down city streets in a VTOL, trying to jack an A-10 Warthog, beating fools down with a giant purple dildo and seeing who and what I can squish in some tank mayhem!