Anyone else notice these 'lower my bills' ads on websites?

There’s an ad that shows up for either lowermybills or lowermycredit on various websites, and it features this really sour-looking old man’s face.

While that image is not something that would make me seek their service, it did get my attention, which I presume was the intended result. I can’t tell you the various ads that show up that I ignore–but I always see that one.

I’d post an image, but I can’t find one.

Now. . . if we could just get a name for the J.G. Wentworth actor. . . .

I’ve seen them. Also, I’ve seen them (or other scammy type ads) that use other weird faces including a guy who looks like a homeless Jesus. I think they’re just to grab your attention.

LowerMyBills is owned by the same scum that baits people via (Experian)