Anyone Else Pissed About the "Mulholland Drive" DVD?

I can’t tell you how long I’d antcipated this thing.

April 9th eventually creeps by, and lo and behold, Paramount’s released a bare-bones edition of a film that was nominated for Best Director and was arguably the best film of 2001.

I’ve heard there were tensions between Lynch and Paramount that might’ve resulted in this travesty, though I’m not certain of them.

Anyone else disappointed, know why this happened, or know if there’s a better edition on the way?

It’s possible that David Lynch didn’t want to put in all kinds of bonus features in order to maintain the mystery of the movie. At least, that’s what I thought was going on. The no-chapters thing kinda irked me, but mostly 'cause I was hoping there’d be a way to easily access the… Um, good scenes.:slight_smile:

I tried to see that at the theatre.

But there must have been some sort of mix up in the film room. What they actually showed was an unwatchable mess of film, with bad acting and pacing and no story to speak of.

I complained to the management, but they insisted they showed the right film.

I’ll get to the bottom of it one day. perhaps I’ll rent the DVD.

Nice. Taste, as with many things, is all subjective.

Even so, I found the unwatchable film quite watchable, and I’m not the only one. For better or worse, a serious case could be made for it.

But whatever. It’s been debated back and forth already.

You can thank David Lynch for the bare bones approach. He’s just not interested in special content and prefers to let his movies speak for themselves. You’ll never hear an audio commentary from Lynch and he has expressly forbidden chapter stops. This is because he prefers his movies to be watched from beginning to end and believes chapter stops would encourage viewers to hop around. Outtakes will never be included because they were cut for a reason.

This leaves open the possibility of commentary by others, behind the scenes footage, retrospectives, and documentaries so there are still avenues of approach for a special edition but, without the participation of the director, such endeavours are unlikely.

Oh, and Paramount sucks at making special editions.

The Straight Story DVD is equally barebones. I haven’t seen The Elephant Man or TP: Fire Walk w/Me DVDs, but their “docs” seem pretty basic from description. I think that’s just Lynch’s style. Anyway, if you’ve ever heard/read his interviews, he’s incredibly vague and evasive anyway, and the commentary would be full of “Gosh!” and “Gee Whiz!”

Anyway, for my money, this “unwatchable” film was easily the best one of 2001. No contest. I’ll be getting it post haste.

…the digital alteration.

Damn. I guess I won’t be getting rid of my VCD copy.

I think this is a Universal picture not a Paramount one.

Even though I like most of Lynchs stuff you can put me on the side of hating the film. I guess trying to turn a pilot to a film is just a bad idea.

Maybe you were in the wrong theater. Perhaps you meant to see ‘Snow Day’.

This is correct, from what I can tell at