Anyone else playing Timesplitters: Future Perfect?

Against my usual rules of buying games*, I picked up Timesplitters: Future Perfect today. And it’s freaking awesome. I’ll be picking up a broadband adaptor tomorrow to play it online.

*Rule 1: Unless it’s probably going to be a limited press game (like Culdcept) or is under $30, or both; don’t buy a game when it’s brand new.

I have it on Xbox. It’s pretty fun, but finding a game that hasn’t already started is a pain in the ass.

I have it for the 'Cube because I don’t care about the online portion. The singleplayer rocks, the multi (non coop) is fun, the challenges are mostly great, but the co-op is haphazard.

Okay, I go by AlHazad, in case anyone else is playing it online for PS2.