Did anyone run out this morning and buy Doom3?

Apparently, Doom3 was released today. At least thats what PC Game Review says.

If anyone bought it, how’d you like to be the first to write a quick review? Even if its only the first level.

I’m curious if its worth running out and buying.

I see two reviews on that site, but the first one says he got an alpha and the second one says “John sends me betas.” Although it does have a 1 June release date listed. So I don’t know.

I wasn’t aware it was released. IGN lists October.

According to Electronic Boutique’s on-line store, the PC version doesn’t come out until November, and the X-Box version until May the following year.

I’ve already pre-ordered mine from there, so if it did come out today, I should have mine by Tuesday or so. But I’m not holding my breath.

Wait, so you’re telling me that all the information on the internet isn’t 100% reliable?:slight_smile:

Well, I suppose it’s for the better. I just dropped $50 on Vice City.

Needless to say, I’d love to read Dopers’ first impressions when it does come out, whenever that might be.

Not to rehash old subjects, but has anyone else been incessantly and repeatedly watching the half-life 2 trailer? :drool:

I probably won’t buy it anyway. I don’t like FPS games all that much, and I refuse to buy a new graphics card just to run one game.

asterionhas a good point. The minute Doom 3 hits, we’re all going to need DX9 compliant video cards. There’s nothing wrong with my Nvidia TI 4200 EXCEPT it won’t support DX9. It’s a great card, but if I want to have all the DX9 goodies I have to ditch it and either buy the latest Nvidia FX card or the ATI Radions 5800 and later.

yu just can’t win in the pc gamer hardware contest, course you can try ======== my new Athlon +2400 and a gig of fresh RAM show up tomorrow. Can’t wait to overclock that pup :slight_smile:

I’m not buyin’ it right off unless it has decent multiplayer. No single player shooter has been interesting enough in single player alone for me to blow full price on it. And I don’t want to buy a new video card until some more games come out with DX9.

I dunno: there are a whole slew of potentially great FPS games coming out soon, and all of them really take advantage of Dx9 tech. HL2, DX2:IW, Stalker, Doom3, and many more. I know HL2 will run on the system I have today (a TNT2 for crying out loud!), but I want it to look GOOOOOD. I’m going for the high level Radeon and a pimped out CPU.

What? Half-life was definately worth it for its day. DeusEx definately was. No One Lives forever was decent.

D3 is apparently going to have a different style of MP play: fewer players, and slower moving, in dark environments.

Heh: did anyone notice that the second review of the game was written by “Trent Reznor”?


Trent is running a “Pentium 5 9.99 Ghz RAM: 50 Gigs Video: GeForce Infinity Turbo Plus” Lucky guy.

Anyway, I think, unless their “Out Now!” tag isn’t just a complete bug, they mean that you can pre-order it now.

Sorry, I am picky. My usual reaction in SP, after a while, is “BORING! I’m gonna go play CounterStrike!”

That’d be interesting. Kind of an Alien vs. Predator thing.

I dunno, I like MP and all, but it gets a little repetative after you’ve played the same mod enough. A good SP experience is singular event, but wel worth it for that one time through.

And of course, just in case anyone missed it, this thread had a link for D3.

The promise of a “new” multiplayer style may be one of the only reasons I do end up buying D3. IMO, the whole Deathmatch thing has been done to death (heh). Although team-based MP had been around for a while, Counter-strike introduced a unique style of tacticle team play which I found refreshing (possibly the most innovative being the 1 life per round – no respawning). However, its several years later and we gamers want something new. Capture the flag has a sense of futility that just doesnt do it for me. I’ll be interested to see what D3 comes up with.

However, an engrossing SP can be like a month-long movie. If it seems theres more to it than just the pretty (make that stunning) graphics, D3 could be worth it.

Not me… for me it’s been the Homeworld 2 trailer.

And that’s a game that I would buy a new machine for… and I’ll most likely have to.

Oh, man, Homeworld 2! That’s a series I’d walk 500 miles (and then I’d walk 500 more) for.

I am Preordering Doom 3 and Halflife 2 as we get closer to the release date. Alas, my Geforce 4 4200 Ti will have to be swapped out for a powerhouse DX9 card, but the processor and Ram is ready to go.

Mmmmm eye candy. . .