Anyone Else Reading the 9/11 Commission Report?

I just bought it today, and I haven’t had a chance to get to reading it yet. I just wondered if I was the only one who was actually going to read the thing.

My husband predicts it will be very boring, but as I told him, I managed to get through Clinton’s Health Care Proposal. If I can handle that, I think I can manage the Commission Report– it’s at least in narrative form.

So, who else plans on reading it?

Where’d you buy it? U.S Printing Office? Amazon? Link please?


Who is paying for the report and why? You can download it in PDF format from CNN’s website…

You can get it from Amazon, but I bought mine at B. Dalton in my local mall. I’d imagine just about any book store is going to carry it.

It was ten bucks. I’d rather have it in book form, though, than download it. I’ve never liked reading e-books.

I am going through the PDF myself. (The book would be nice though, could read it in the ‘library’). What should be stressed to those who might normally shy away from official ‘reports’: The 9/11 Report is very readable. Not the dry sort of stuff you would expect from a gov’t report.

That link works just fine.
However when I go to click on the downloadble files, I just get that broken link icon. You think CNN is getting deluged with requests?

I tried it just now and had no problems. You probably just had the misfortune to try when they were busy.

These sites have the report in chapter-size bites:

These are the entire 7.5 MB report in one modem-killing chunk: