Anyone Else Reading The Superior Spider-Man?

Premise: Doc Ock successfully escapes his dying husk of a body by pulling off a mind-swap with Spider-Man. Sounds crap, but Dan Slott’s writing makes the cliche novel. It’s up to four issues now, and the characterizations and plotting just keep getting better. I’m honestly going to miss this incarnation when Peter inevitably returns to the status quo.

Well, you’re missing out. I just read issue five. Great stuff. This is the most entertaining Marvel comic I’ve read in years.

It’s surprisingly okay. I like that Otto has trouble distinguishing between his own memories and Peter’s, esp. regarding Mary Jane, that he’ll get Peter kicked out of the Avengers, but probably earn him a doctorate before the switch-back. I just wonder if, after this series ends, Peter and Otto will have the kind of nuanced relationship they had by the end of the second Spider-Man movie.

Not reading, but trying to keep up with what’s going on.

Just grabbed this on Comixology. Good stuff, thanks for the recommendation.