Anyone else receive snarky mod comments when reporting a post or thread?

Been here since 2001, this sort of behavior from moderators has only begun since we moved over to discourse. Historically, there has what appeared to be a level of professionalism from the moderator group here. I guess standards have slid some. What should we expect from a volunteer group?

There are automatic comments that are sent to you when we handle post flags. If you are referring to these, they are not meant to be snarky and we do not type in the text that is in these comments. They are generated automatically by Discourse.

Then discourse has one damn intelligent AI with a biting wit.

We do sometimes respond to flag reports with comments, which is something that we did not do under vBulletin since the system had no mechanism for it.

If you are referring to an actual moderator comment and are not referring to the automatically generated comments, then you’ll have to provide examples of what you think is snarky. Otherwise I have no idea what you are referring to.

I don’t really see the automated ones as snarky. From what I understand, you get either “Thanks for letting us know. We agree there’s a problem, and we’re looking into it” or just “Thanks for letting us know. We’re looking into it.”

(Slight brag: I’ve never gotten the latter response, so I don’t know for sure.)

I’m not trying to call out any mod in particular here. I was just curious if other users were experiencing similar things, or have I raised the ire certain mods in particular.

Not when reporting, but I was told my initial post was either abjectly stupid or a troll, given a warning and had my thread closed, despite the banner on the site saying “Fighting Ignorance Since 1973”. I don’t expect a volunteer group to be perfect, but I would prefer them to be civil.

Well they let me be a mod, so clearly standards have slipped.

I read most of the messages from reports. I don’t recall seeing many reports from you.

The few times I’ve gotten anything beyond the automatically-generated responses to flagging posts has been when I’ve reported what I’ve considered to be a thread hijack; after reviewing it, the mod(s) replied to me, stating that, as the initial topic/question had already been addressed, they didn’t see the harm in the off-topic posts. Those replies were courteous and to the point.

Modnote: This complaint is off subject and I think covered in another thread. Please drop the conversation from this thread.

You must not remember manhattan. He moderated one of my first posts by telling me he thought I was too stupid to post here.:wink:

There is a very good chance many won’t remember manhattan, considering how far back your reference dates.

The OP says he was around in 2001, when manhattan was still a mod.

I remember him. Wasn’t he reduced to watching a fucking hallway somewhere?

My statement, that many won’t remember him, still stands.

Yes. His “I the fucking hall monitor!” was his best moment.

But misses my point.

You need a tissue?

Is your point that that style of moderation is back in mode, after being discouraged for many years? If so, I don’t mind…but a heads up to the general populace would be nice.

No, of course not.