Anyone else receive snarky mod comments when reporting a post or thread?

And let’s not take jabs at other posters here.

“The Fucking Hall Monitor”?

I just get the automated ones, but I got one that said all my reports for trolling were wrong, and another telling not to use certain buttons when reporting, but they fixed that one by explaining.

I’ve never gotten snarky replies.

The OP should post an example, it doesn’t have to say who the reply was from.

I don’t even get the courtesy of any mod reply at all. Which is OK, at least Discobot is polite’

It is an ambiguity of English grammar (not present in some other languages like Spanish) that in a sentence like “I am the fucking hall monitor”, it’s ambiguous which noun (or noun phrase) the adjective is modifying.

In any case, manhattan’s classic mod remark was exactly what was called for in the circumstance, and I’m sure would be today too.

That was to help you calibrate your reports so they are in keeping with what we usually moderate. You frequently report trolling, but the posts are very rarely what we regard as trolling on the board. We know you are trying to be helpful, but you often report people just because they disagree with you or others, rather than actual trolling.

Link please! :laughing:

Actually, I persuaded him to delete it. It was during the frenzy of the 2000 election, and I posted a
thread repeating what several others had already posted, and he lost it.

Here is manhattan’s classic response.

Well, no, but yes, sometimes my idea of trolling is not in line, I will admit.

I’ve not had any snarky replies. I usually get the automated “thanks, we’ll look into it” and occasionally get a personal response, but never snarky.

Since you admit this, my suggestion would be to leave reporting of trolling to others. If it actually is trolling, it’s quite certain someone else will report it. We get plenty of reports of trolling in GD and P&E as it is, and only a small fraction are actually trolling by our usual standards.

Wait - we used to have a designated hall just for fucking?

On topic: haven’t had a snarky response for reporting anything either. I’ve had one or two where the post I’d flagged was deemed to be well within the rules (which is fine) but even there the responses have been perfectly civil.

We sure did. And it was heavily moderated too, for sure.

I will stop reporting anything since that seems to annoy you.

I was trying to be helpful.

We get a lot of reports. While we appreciate them, if we could cut down on ones that don’t need moderation it would be a help.

I’m aware of that. I was also trying to be helpful to you by providing feedback,

So what are the numbers on average for a day? How many of these are spam? On how many do you take action (spam vs non-spam)? How extensive are duplicate reports?..

It’s hard to tell, because as different mods clear reports they disappear from the pending queue. However, in the past 24 hours, there have been 11 reported posts, and 13 reports, including one spammer flagged by the system.

However, contentious threads in GD and P&E can generate many reports in a short time. These can take time to clear since it may be necessary to review the history of the thread. I would say that these forums account for close to 80% of substantive reports, that is that aren’t spam, thread moves, or title edits.

Spam and true trolling usually get multiple reports. The system also flags some spammers and spam posts in advance. (In addition, I usually go through new registrations and delete 6-10 profile spammers over coffee.)

I appreciate your generous time and effort, as well as the other mods. I’m considering becoming a mod groupie.

In 20+ years, I don’t think I’ve ever reported a post. Now I’m kinda curious about what happens if I do. What kind of snark am I missing out on?