The correct use of "reported"

in this thread the sanctioned use of the word “reported” by a poster (in regard to another post which he or she has reported as being violative of SDMB decorum or rules) is discussed. In that thread, I link to another recent thread in which **Gfactor **informed me that posting “reported” in a thread for any reason than reporting a spam post is objectionable, while other posters maintain that reporting a thread and then posting “reported” is simply good citizenship.

Obviously, someone is mistaken here. Who is the mistaken party?

Curtis was posting a link to his own website. Had the mods decided to follow through and issue a warning or take action or whatever, it would have been for spamming. Since even you admit that reporting spam is ok, there is no contradiction. Thank you for playing.

Just my 2 cents worth here: posting “Reported” is only useful if the rule violation is obvious, and the commonest obvious rule violation is spam. If you think someone is using insults outside the Pit, or is threadshitting, then whether it’s a rule violation is arguable: you should just report the apparent violation. Posting “Reported” in these cases just extends the distraction in the problem thread.

1.) I don’t think you should have been warned for saying “Threadshit much?” I’ve called people out on threadshitting before and in my mind it’s like calling someone out for being rude. Does that mean it’s against the rules to say, for example, “we were having a perfectly good conversation in this thread until you had to come and shit in it”? Because I can’t imagine someone getting a warning for saying that.

2.) I don’t think there should be an issue with saying “Reported” for things that aren’t spam. The distinction just seems arbitrary.

3.) I don’t think calling out the mods in that thread was appropriate- you should have just come straight here as soon as you got the original warning (am I allowed to say all this? I think so. But why? I’m calling you out on breaking a rule in the same way that I might call out a threadshitter and it’s just as big of an example of junior modding, isn’t it?).

One contradiction that jumps out at me is Lynn saying here that you can give a reason, but you don’t have to list a reason, for “reporting” a post for a variety of reasons, while Gfactor asserts quite clearly that “spam” is the only acceptable reason for reporting a post and posting “reported.”

She’s talking about the report a post box that pops up when you click the red triangle. You can report a post for whatever the hell you want. Gfactor is saying that the only reason you need to say reported in a thread is for spam threads. Still no contradiction.

But it’s far from clear to me that **Lynn **is saying that posting “reported” is in itself a violation for other spam threads. Reading her post alone, you would conclude that posting “reported” is just fine.

Again, **Gfactor **did not say to me that posting “reporting” was unnecessary and redundant and excessive, but rather that (except for spam threads) it was a violation in of itself. Is that so?

I’m not seeing where he’s saying it’s a violation in and of itself. I think you’re picking at nonexistent nits.

You’re not seeing where he’s stating that it’s “junior modding and possibly trolling”? And where he’s ordering me to “cut it out”?

Do you have eyes?

Oh, for hell’s sake. Did YOU not see where it was made perfectly clear that you weren’t warned for saying “reported”? Because it was pointed out to you very clearly.

I don’t think junior modding is necessarily a warning offense. It’s just bratty. And saying that something is junior modding is still not saying something is a violation in and of itself. I’ve seen a lot of people jokingly post reported. You posted it in the middle of a slapfight. I’m not surprised your post got treated differently. If you don’t like the way the mods treat you here, maybe you should re-evaluate how you treat the posters.

Yes. I also saw where **Gfactor **wrote that he wasn’t issuing a warning, which implied he easily could have if he’d chosen to. If I were to write here, Smeghead, that I’m not going to track you down and come over to your house and kick your butt in, that would be perceived as threatening you, because I would be implying that I have that capacity but am choosing not to exercise it. Because I dont have a clue where you live, and have no interest in finding out where you live, and have not made such a claim, and have no intention of making such a claim, you can feel safe from any such threat, but if I were able to make you think I could do something that I choose not to do, you would be correct in viewing that something as a potential outcome. Warning me was expressed as a potential outcome that **Gfactor **was choosing not to exercise.

Wait a minute. You kick a door in. A butt, you just kick.

After further reading, it is apparent that in your mind, this particular warning has become a Very Big Deal. Far bigger than I have any desire to be involved in, so I’ll bow out now. Best of luck with that rock, Sysiphus.

If you had a sense of humor, you’d have posted “reported.”

Didn’t you make it a New Year’s resolution to cut whiny bullshit mod complaints out of your diet? Does this mean we’re also going to be subjected to more tortured argumentative non-arguments about the Yankees in the Game Room again?

I think that conclusion is a logical misstep. A mod stating he’s “not issuing a warning” is just to make it crystal clear what s/he is doing. Sometimes posters claim they’ve been “warned” when there is a mod note directed at them.

No, I didn’t.

Did you make a new year’s resolution to learn how to read?

I would assume that, but he was previously warned for junior modding, wasn’t he? Or was that not a real warning, either?

I do remember reading it and thinking that he wasn’t really junior modding.

Comments like this make people less inclined to offer you the benefit of the doubt.