Anyone else rembember Troubadour Press coloring books?

I woke up this morning thinking about my sister who died last year and a very specific memory of Troubadour Press coloring books. The books were high quality on heavy paper and they were larger than a typical coloring book. My sister was very artistic, she was always doing some kind of craft or another and she would crush those coloring books. When we went on vacations, my mom would buy us each a Troubadour coloring book, my favorites were the ones on fantasy and science fiction. A lot of times, I’d pick my favorite page from my coloring book and ask my sister to color it in because I sucked at coloring.

Does anyone else remember them? When I mention them to a lot of people, I get a lot of blank stares.

Well that brought back some nice memories. I particularly remember the Wildflowers book - I am a sucker for anything with flowers, and this was a favorite of mine. Some of the other ones also look familiar to me. It looks like the Sci Fi ones you enjoy are the most expensive on EBay - you must not be the only one who remembers them.

I think my sister had Wildflowers. There was also one with birds that she loved.

This article about Troubador Press coloring books might strike your fancy.

It’s funny, I woke up this morning and one of those weird memories of nothing particularly noteworthy came bubbling up: my sister and I at a store on the way to the Outer Banks of NC (we went ever year on vacation) each getting to pick out one Troubador coloring book. That’s it, that’s the whole memory, just the two of us in a store each picking out a book.

I bought the Monster Gallery, North American Wildlife and Wildflowers for my wife and daughter to color. They were great.