Anyone else suffer from anxiety attacks?

I sure as hell do. I’m supposed to be studying for a test right now, but everytime I pick up my outline or my books, my chest gets really tight. I also constantly clench and unclench my jaw. I try to read, and I realize that my eyes have scanned three pages, I didn’t actually read a thing.

My test anxiety used to be a lot worse when I returned to college the first time. I’m fairly used to tests now, but I still suffer from the anxiety to some extent.

I also take anti-anxiety medication because of my general anxiety. Really, this stuffs a bitch. On one level, I know that I have nothing to worry about, but, on the surface, I get just…well…anxious. Nothing seems to help for long. It’s so frustrating because there is really very little I can do to stop it.

No real point to this thread. I just wanted to whine a little.

I’m a bonehead.

I didn’t see the other thread on the exact same topic.

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It certainly is a bitch. I have an anxiety disorder too, and it is very difficult to live with. People really don’t understand what makes it so bad. Well, imagine the way you feel before you do something you are afraid of or hate to do, then imagine feeling that way 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From what I understand, anxiety and panic disorders are a result of the brain producing too much or too little of some neurotransmitters like serotonin. Knowing this doesn’t help my brain much, because the results of the neurotransmitter imbalances cause changes in my thinking patterns, and that is what experiencing the world is all about, after all.

Whoops, didn’t realize there was another thread. I’ll take my commiseration over there.