Anyone else watching "Marseille" on Netflix?

We watched a few episodes last night and I’m so-so on it. I think “Hand of God” does the whole “wickedness and intrigue in local government” thing a lot better, but maybe I need to give Marseille a few more episodes . . ?

And, to be perfectly shallow, Gerard Depardieu looks like shit! :eek:

Tried to watch it, but I’ve always detested Depardieu both as an actor and as a human being. Can’t get past it.

Tried it. But it was both dubbed in English and had English subtitles. I generally don’t like either method, but both together was way too distracting.

Did you watch it on Netflix? The “default” setting was in French with English subtitles.

Yes, Netflix. If it had started that way, I could have gotten through it. But the default Netflix app on my smart TV isn’t versatile enough to be able to switch the dubbing, or the subtitles for that matter, off.