Anyone encounter the "duplicate album art" issue in Windows Media Player 11?

Here’s a shot of exactly what’s happening. As you can see, this is an Album View, and there are many albums which have the same artwork (a cover from a ZZ Top album). These used to simply have the default blank CD icon that normally signifies no cover art being assigned to the tracks on those albums. When I go into the Tag Editor and check the “Pictures” tab, there is still no artwork in there … yet it shows up in the cover browser. It seems that WMP11 is actually filling in the empty art albums with a copy of the most recently added album artwork. I know because in this photo, that piece of art was the one most recently added to the library. If I go in and add artwork to one of the albums which has no artwork assigned, the entire library will replace these old ZZ Top duplicates with duplicates of whatever cover I choose to update another empty album with.

I’ve done a relentless amount of searching on the net, and while there seems to be some mentions of it here or there, I haven’t been able to find any concrete explanation of what’s causing it, much less how to fix it. Has anyone else encountered this problem, and even if you haven’t fixed it, could you at least let me know so that I know I’m not alone in having it? I just want my bloody blank CD icon back for albums without art. :frowning: