Anyone ever been on Antiques Roadshow?

My inlaws got tickets and brought in a painting we were hoping would be worth over $10,000 but they appraised it as only around $300.

Its interesting the peoples stories about how they got the items.


No, but I enjoy watching it - the original and still best, since it doesn’t have a reality-show component.

I do know a few of the musical instrument experts they use - they use very well-regarded folks in the vintage guitar and strings world.

We tuned in one time just in time to see most of a segment of a semi-relative of ours. Was descended from the brother a very famous figure in American History and was in possession of some letters from that person to the brother. Despite the last name being the same, it was so common I would have never have guessed the connection.

Anyway, it turns out the Famous Person actually didn’t have many “personal” writings known and so the producers really wanted to do a piece about letters and did a nice early segment. So it was a “go to the head of the line” situation.

Unfortunately, there is only one person in line to inherit them next and this is not the person you’d want to be in charge of these.

Wife made it to the taping, but didn’t make the program.

Not really very close, is it? :rolleyes:

No, but one night I was watching a missed episode and at the end when they interview people who brought worthless shit, there was a co-worker!


What did s/he bring in, and how much was it worth?

It’s so funny to compare the US Antiques Roadshow and the British version. British version they have lots of stuff worth about $100.

Well, that was about seven years ago, so I don’t really remember, but I think it was in the neighborhood of under $50.

The only time I’ve ever seen a real, honest-to-god double take was on Antique Roadshow, when a man was told that the sword his parents found hanging in the attic of a house in Virginia and gave to him to play with, was a Richmond-made cavalry sabre belonging to a high-ranking Confederate officer, and worth about $30,000.


Guy’s reaction was priceless.

The same thing happened to me when they visited Albuquerque in 2014- although I am visible for a few seconds in the background of someone else’s segment!

Go on youtube and look for the episode where an old family indian blanket, one they used to just leave on the back of a chair, yet they knew it had history, turned out to be worth over a million dollars.

OP, why did they think the painting would be worth so much

On TV, no, but we got into one they did in San Jose. I brought paintings from the Congo, 1962, which weren’t worth anything. My wife brought a roll-monica - a harmonica which played music on a roll. The music, which still had its boxes, was worth more than the instrument, a couple of hundred dollars.
It was my father-in-law’s, and we’ve never tried to sell it or anything.
We got tickets too late for bringing furniture, but desks just like the desk my computer is one have been on.

Pepper Mill has been to tapings of Antiques Roadshow twice, but didn’t actually get on camera. She did get her stuff appraised, though.

Here is the one with the indian blanket:LINK

I did go to one of the shows, but didn’t make it on air. One of the jewelry appraisers (I had taken a collection of early 1900s native American-made jewelry to be looked at) gave me his business card, though, and told me to give him a call for a private look-see. When I went to see him a couple weeks later, he told me my collection was worth about what I’d thought it would be. But there was one particular piece - a very primative-looking pin - that he appraised for $1,500! That was a real surprise as I’d thought it was the least impressive piece in the bunch.

Interesting! Albuquerque is where she was also. Did you see her? :smiley:

I think I did- was she carrying around an item that looked very old, like an antique? :wink:

Yeah-that was the episode that hooked me on antiques roadshow-at least until I found out that it was all a fraud that was staged by the appraiser. Haven’t really been able to watch the show since.

Oh, my god - that article you linked to is heartbreaking. Those sons-of-bitches, I hope they’re living under a bridge drinking Sterno, now.