Anyone ever been to Club 33?

I was bored last night and decided to read through every category on Snopes. I was surprised to find out that there is a private club located inside Disneyland in Anaheim next door to the Blue Bayou (the restaurant situated inside The Pirates of the Caribbean ride).

Snopes cited that the club, named Club 33 because of its “address” in the French Quarter, was originally included by Mr. Disney himself as a place where he could entertain business associates and such. Nowadays, it is a private, membership-only club with a list of members that mostly includes corporations. The membership fees are pretty steep, even for the individual membership (something like $7500 to start and $2500 annually). It is the only location within Disneyland where the purchase of alcohol is permitted.

Being an avid collector of useless trivia, I was intrigued by the existence of this club. Besides, not 10 days ago, I stood outside the Blue Bayou looking at the menu with my husband. To think I was standing less than 14 feet from the entrance to this “secret”…

So, has anyone here ever been inside this club?

I have, as a guest. Pricey and snooty, and not really the place to try to feed a squirming 4 year old.

It was cool, though.

Hmm, how could I not post to this thread… :slight_smile:

Despite my screenname, I haven’t been there yet. From accounts of some friends that have, most have had positive experiences there. From what I gather, the best time to go is for the Sunday brunch buffet which is excellent. Regardless, the food is much better than anything else available in the park.

And yes, it is the only place within the park that sells alcohol. However, if you take a short jaunt over to Disney’s California Adventure, the theme park that sits where the old Disneyland parking lot was, there is a margerita stand, a beer stand, and a fully-stocked sit-down bar.

better than Blue Bayou?

My sister got to go on Grad Night (Once, in the 80s. For 20 minutes). She’s lucky that way. The closest I’ve been inside it is the photo tour. Although on a few trips through PotC the shutters to C33 were open, although I couldn’t see much from the boat. The dinner menu is also scanned in for your viewing pleasure. Someday I want a membership (if only for a little while).

Anything is better than that dump.

100% better. I went there when I was in the 4th grade. If I would have known it was a secret club thingy, I would have taken pictures. I thought everyone was allowed in there.

They have an elevator. That was so cool.

I was there in the summer of 1992. I don’t know how we got in; I assume my dad got tickets through Goodyear, for whom he then worked. I had the osso bucco stuffed with crab. (Or was it lobster?) It was very good.