Anyone Ever Been To Reykjavik, Iceland?

For some reason I have always wanted to go there and I cannot pinpoint why. I think I saw some travel special on it and it looked fun and interesting and not the usual place to go. So has anyone been there? What’s it like? I hear it is a fun place.

I’ve never been there, and I’d love to go too. My dad went there in '85 or '86. He brought back Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts for me and my brothers. And chocolate candy bars with raisins in them.

Back then, Hard Rock T-shirts were a really cool thing, and my brothers and I were the coolest thing around since our shirts were from the most exotic place.

I went about 15 years ago, and it’s a nice place. The terrain is all volcanic rock, which was really cool to tour around. There are some nice hot spring resorts and the food was fantastic (fish and sheep are the specialties). Pick up some Icelandic wool sweaters while you’re there; they’re really thick and warm.

I also got the Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt, which was good for a few cool points in school.

I went there a long time ago and have always wanted to go back. It was beautiful…the volcanic lake is so warm that it heats all the homes year round, thus no chimmney stacks. Very nice people - it was just a great place to visit!

I’ve wanted to go for a long time. When I last checked a few years ago, Iceland Air had competitive rates to London, with the added bonus of a stopover in Reykjavic that you can extend to several days. Unfortunately, they only flew out of JFK and BWI. But definitely something to consider next time you fly to London.

I did the Iceland Air stopover, probably 15 years ago. (The food at that time was excellent in coach, probably not any longer.)

I really liked Rejkjavic, and it was especially interesting because I did it near the summer solstice when it practically didn’t get dark. I walked all over the town (not very large) and felt like I saw most of it on my one day stopover.

(BTW, all the women are very blond and beautiful. The Vikings took their best women and planted them there.)

Actually, the part I liked best was the drive from the airport. Looked like the moon, a totally alien landscape. The city is mostly stone and concrete, which isn’t surprising since there aren’t many trees.

As I said, a short visit. I’d like to go back.


I believe my mother’s plane stationed out of there one time while running tests. I know she’s been to Thule, Greenland a number of times though.