Anyone ever dine at The Inn at Litttle Washington?

The Inn at Little Washington, as in Washington, Virginia. Supposed to be one of the best restaurants in the world. That’s right, the world! 5 stars, 5 diamonds, whatever rating system you use they get the top mark. Rich folks take hour and a half limo rides from DC to eat there. I’ve been sort of planning to eat there for almost 20 years and we finally got around to doing it recently.

I have no negative comment about the experience. All the food was very good, service was excellent and the place was lovely (although the decor was not to my taste.) But I can’t help asking - the best in the world? Really? I guess my expectations was pretty high, like maybe I would have mouth orgasms or something, which didn’t happen. Have I had the best meal of my life and just didn’t appreciate it?

Anybody else ever eaten there or at a similarly rated place?

I’ve never eaten there, but like you, I’ve always wanted to. I’m planning on going in September, would you put it in your top five meals of all time? What did you have to eat?

Yeah, I would put it in my top five dining experiences. That just means I haven’t eaten that many expensive meals before. The meal was 4 courses, depending on how you count, with a kind of appetizer like sampler up front and a sort of soup course. I guess I don’t have the reference points to describe the way it went very well.

We sampled each others plates so I got a taste of a lot of different things and there were some standouts, in my opinion. As a main course I had sweetbreads with country ham, peaches and chanterelle mushrooms, which I would recommend if you are into that sort of thing. They had a spicy Tuna first course that I thought was wonderful although I only got a couple of bites. I didn’t think the deserts were all that great (very good, not great IMO) and would probably go with the cheese option if I ever go again.