Anyone ever had their hair suddenly become greasy?

I’ve never had problems with my hair being greasy before, but yesterday and today I’ve noticed that it has been particularly greasy. I washed it this morning and it was greasy by midday. I washed it again at 3pm today, it’s 4.50pm now and it’s decidedly greasy again.

Anyone ever experienced this? Usually my hair is normal and I really don’t know what to do. :frowning:

(Possible TMI alert)

This sometimes happens to me a few days before my period starts. It’s not every time, but enough that I picked up on the pattern. Could that be it?

Me, for the past few months. No idea why.

I don’t have periods so it’s not a cyclic thing, although I guess it could be hormonal in some way? I’m heading out to the supermarket to see what I can get. It’s s weird the way it has come on so quickly!

Could be hormonal, could also be your shampoo. Even if you aren’t using a new brand, some shampoo’s and conditioners leave a big build up of crap on your hair. Too long using one of those brands and it builds up to the point that it leaves your hair greasy. Try changing brands for a few weeks or go get a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the build up.

Has it been unusually humid or unusually dry out lately?

Are you sweating any more than usual?

I’m using the same shampoo I’ve used for ten years, so seems weird to suddenly have a reaction to it? But I’ve gone to the supermarket and picked up some shampoo for greasy hair.

No unusual weather lately. I’m getting more exercise but it’s long walks rather than intense cardio so no extra sweat.

I’m watching what I eat, but that’s more around portion size, I haven’t changed my actual diet.

This happened to me recently. It turned out to be the shampoo, which was Head and Shoulders Dry Scalp. I use it during the winter because my scalp gets dry and itchy. When I switched to it this winter, I noticed that my hair felt greasy. I didn’t immediately associate it with the shampoo since I had used H&S before. So, I washed more frequently, which just made the problem worse. Finally, I decided to see if it was the shampoo, so I got a clarifying shampoo. That fixed it.

I still don’t really know what happened. I guess H&S changed their formula sometime over the past year. I did consider that it may be related to the phosphate ban, as removing phosphates from shampoo could have that effect. But, that is 100% speculation. After I resolved the greasiness, I decided to use a good moisturizing shampoo instead of H&S during the winter. I haven’t had the problem since.