Why am I suddenly greasy?

I have always had fairly balanced skin. I have never gotten more than one or two pimples a year, even in high school. Then over the past year, I have gradually become greasier. It started shortly after I turned 30. Last night I took a shower in the evening and went to bed a few hours later. In the morning, my face was visibly shiny. I can feel the weight of the oil on my skin. I know that many people have been like this all their lives, but for me it’s unfamiliar and nasty.
My diet has not changed. My environment has not changed. Nothing I can think of has changed, except my face. I shower every couple of days as needed and generally just rinse my face in the shower stream. Occasionally I will use a body wash type soap. I sometimes use a moisturizer after, but not usually in summer.
What’s going on? What can I do about it? Will I change back?

Just tell the elves to knock off the nightime hot oil facials.

Just out of curiosity, have you been getting more sun? My skin is very balanced until I get a tan it’s not expecting, at which point my nose gets all oily.

Or, I hear our skin changes with age. Goes with those funny little hairs, I guess. Perhaps changes in your skin care routine could help?

Using a moisturizer with alpha and beta hydroxy acids in it, every day, has helped my acne enormously. I also use a face wash with salicylic acid twice a day, and do a clay mask once or twice a week. This, I believe, is a pretty minimal regimen for a person with oily skin–I suggest you try it.

I am 35. I’ve noticed that my skin has gotten oilier in the past 6 months or so. It seems to me that the change in my skin has coincided with a change in my birth control method. About 8 months ago, my husband got a vasectomy, so I’m now no longer on the pill or any other form of hormone birth control, for the first time since I was 19. And presto, my skin is different. Could something like that be happening to you, HennaDancer?

I’d wonder the same thing - your hormones regulate your skin’s oiliness; there’s nothing short of hormones or medications like Accutane that can have a long-term effect on how greasy you are. How you treat your skin doesn’t influence how oily it is, so switching moisturizers or cleansers doesn’t change how fast your skin gets shiny after it’s washed. But switching contraceptive methods does.