Anyone ever listen to ''Ramblin' with Ramsey?''

I’ve listened to talk radio for many years, but the only program that I actually didn’t like was “Ramblin’ with Ramsey.”

Ramsey Pollard (a senior citizen chap with some undisclosed “rural” type accent), uh, rambles around the country, broadcasting from a different location every week, typically some hotel.

And that’s about it. His program basically a commercial for the hotel he’s broadcasting from. One time he was in Atlanta, and some Kodak person (they were somehow tied in with the hotel that week) had given him a disposable camera. He talked for a few minutes about it before finally saying, “I don’t even have a camera, but I’m sure it takes good pictures.”

Another time he spoke to a maitre d’ for about 15 minutes on how he has the tables set up.

Anyway, I was just wonderingf a) maybe I just didn’t listen enough times to “understand” the program, and b) has he always been a “broadcaster?” What did he do before he started “ramblin’?”