Any Don and Mike (ray-dee-oh) dopers out there?

Many moons ago, Don and Mike broadcasted live in Greenville. Then they were off. Then they were on again. During those few years, I came to know and love the goofy gang. After they were gone, I came to know and love the internet, for some kind souls record the show everyday, strip out the commercials and post the show in neat little MP3s. Many an evening when there is nothing on TV I will download the day’s show, mute the TV and enjoy some adult beverages while I listen to the hilarity (most of the time, hilarity). I’ve been listening for 5 years now, and I’m eager to listen to the 5 year swan dive. I figure by then I’ll be to old to care anymore, so I’m not that sad about it.

I know they broadcast all over the country, anybody else?

The Legacy?
Green Bay?
Bawltimore hun?
Salt Lake?

Are they the Car Talk guys?

If so, they come on NPR in the DC area.

Negative. D&M are on M-F 3-7 on 106.7 WJFK. I think the Car Guys are a weekend show.

And shame on you for listening to NPR. :wink:

I listen to D&M when I’m in the car. I’ve been listening since they were on only in Baltimore and DC. They’re pretty funny - most of the time.

A D&M fan from way, way back in the day, when they were the Morning Zoo on 105.1 WAVA in DC. I’ve followed them through various time slots and stations, and currently listen to them on 970 AM, up here in Maine.

They can be hilarious, but I do tend to get tired of the celebrity interview portion of Low-Budget Jeopardy. Seriously, do you have to spend 20 minutes talking about your ass and anal sex, with the obligatory fart sound effects thrown in?

Seattle here-

I do enjoy the show.

the highlight for me was when they played that bootleg Elvis concert. Elvis was so out of it.
“Judy Shsprinkles.”

Seattle here as well -

I despise Don and Mike they’re annoying and aren’t well educated. However, I love BJ Shea and Tom Leykis (Plus the now defunct Ron and Don).

Thankfully, Don and Mike are doing shitty in the ratings here, so hopefully they’ll be taken off the air.

Oh come on…Leykis is redundant. I’ve been listening to him for 6 years. He show is the same every day.
BJ is great because he knows he sucks and plays that angle. That’s why I like him.

Don and Mike are good times. Atleast they got rid of Ron and Don. Those guys were awful.

I’m just glad they started airing the Phil Henry Show.

“Leykis is redundant. I’ve been listening to him for 6 years.”

Um, I think the latter compensates for the former, lol.

Leykis knows what he’s doing.

Yeah, I love BJ Shea because, as you said, he knows he’s a terrible host. Plus the dynamic interaction with Top Shelf and Brad, The-Producer-From-Hell…What-A-Dick is fucking hilarious.

Sorry, 3rd post.

Ron and Don had some great bits man.

“That Guy Ty is at the sports desk on the Ron and Don show…Feel the knowledge…SPORTS!”

And it was funny as hell when they went tactical. Segments just consisted of grunts, yells and yelps, yet they made it funny.

Thankfully, I just found out this morning that they got picked up by another radio station as well, woo!

Don and Mike are a daily habit for me and I love them dearly. That being said the fake celebrity voice bits are just unlistenable. They can go on for thirty minutes doing just awful fake voices.

They make attempts to be far more genuine than most jockeys and that is endearing, unfortunately those fake voice segments melt all my affection away.

…considering that Leykis is played on the Buzz ATLEAST 12 hours of the day… and since it is a preset on my car radio…I can’t help but hear him everyday. I also try to give the guy a chance… but how many stories about fat biches do I need to hear? I listen to him five minutes at a time…

And Ron and Don were a sick amalgamtion of Ron and Fez (another show I hate) and Tom Leykis…and since Ron and Fez are nothing but a Tom Leykis rip off…the show is just terrible. Even their promos on the Buzz were bad. That one about their producer having no boobs! Oh lord… Fun-ay… oh wait… that’s just retarded.

Just my opinion though.

God I love Don and Mike. I’m having withdrawals since moving to Southern California. Any word on when they’re going to get a station down here? I think the closest is Las Vegas and Sacremento (neither of which come in). I will try that internet thing though… thanks!

We get the show here in Wichita, and I’ve been listening for about 6 years.

I used to laugh my ass off at Pete Johnson. He wasn’t on the show nearly enough.

Mike’s “Morgan Freeman” also stands out.

Yes, yes, yes, love ‘em. Got into them when I went to college in DC, then out of college our little nook in our office listened to them every afternoon (as well as NPR in the mornings…). That’s great people outside of DC like them (they do really well in some other cities’ ratings, notably Sacramento, not so well in others), but I just don’t think they translate well in larger cities where they’re syndicated. The show is too (as someone said earlier) “genuine.” It’s a DC show, and the unrealized quest for NYC really hurt the show, imho. For the record, I hate the celebrity impersonation bits, although I get a kick out of “everything sounds like Harry Morgan.”

I live in Richmond, VA now…on a good day, WJFK bleeds about 20 miles north of the city, and a northern suburb (Ashland) carries them on a 1k Bic lighter of a station. I live a good 25 miles away from Ashland, but I try to tough it out, and during the summer I get most of their show in my car radio.

We get them here in the DC area, of course. When my commute was much longer, I’d listen to them occasionally in the car. But like most “shock” radio shows, they’re only good in snippets; then they tend to get repetitive, beating a joke into the ground.

I was never a fan of the call-in portions of the show, or of their various “scams” - for me, the best part is when they’re talking about something that happened to them, in their own lives, in their own words. That can be a lot of fun, because it’s usually something the rest of us can relate to.

I, too, listened when they were on 'AVA. Like How-eird, they were great when they mostly played music. But now…ugh…I’ve only listened to them once or twice ever since they started all the inane chatter.

The best undiscovered show for DC people is the Sports Junkies. An unspoiled unpretentious show with few commercials. I find it amusing though that the sports content of the show has dwindled to almost nothing.

I think they are only on WHFS in the DC area though so most folks won’t have the option.

I myself grow weary of the dick and fart jokes. Also, I don’t think nudity works well on the radio. (Haven’t figured that one out yet) But there are things I do like:

  • Don or Mike telling stories about the weekend, parties, mishaps, etc.

  • Rob. When Rob laughs, it’s funny.

  • The “inside ray-dee-oh” stuff. I’m kind of a talk radio nut and I’ve never heard anybody peel back the curtain like these guys.

  • They don’t kiss up to callers. I know there are some other Dee Jays that don’t either, but D&M seem to be rude or hang up when it’s necessary, not just for effect.

  • I REALLY like the “we don’t give a shit” attitude they have toward their last 5 years. I think it’s going to be fairly entertaining.

I basically dig the soap opera value to the show, Don’s relationship with his wife and son (who will be attending the same school I did and I can’t wait for those stories!), Mike’s ongoing stuggles, Charli [sic] and Lisa, WYSP and on and on.

If anybody is interested in how to get the mp3s, send me an email.