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Just curious. Has anyone ever listened to “The Don and Mike Show” on the radio? It’s a shock jock format that starts at 3PM EST. This isn’t an advertisement, but if you like Howard Stern, you might like these guys. I listen to them on the way home from work and laugh my ass off on a regular basis. I listen to them on 106.7 WJFK in D.C., but they are syndicated nationally.

I used to listen to them when they were just local DJs for WAVA in DC.

I grew tired of them (and other shock jocks). They acted like 10-year-olds, making “funny” phone calls to celebrities. One day, they kept pestering Phil Collins at his hotel before his concert at RFK. Collins got back by kicking WAVA’s booth (one of those inflatable “boom boxes”) out of the stadium after they spent all the time to set it up. Now that was funny.

They also MC’ed a comedy concert (Bob Goldthwait). Their audience-participation stunts were lame. One guy wouldn’t play along when asked to bark like a dog on all fours to win a prize; D&M got real abusive to the guy.

Frankly, the whole genre of shock jocks has grown stale. I mean, women stripping on radio; why does this work?

Points well taken. Until last year, I lived in a very rural area of PA that I like to call the “Radio Wasteland”. I listed to one Top 40 station, but there were about 10 Country stations (go figure) and none of them carried this type of programming. I just started listening to Stern and D&M last year, so I guess they haven’t gotten stale to me. Yet.

Don and Mike kick ass!

I got hooked instantly when I heard some of their “cart” collection. Like the one where Casey Kasem has a temper tantrum while taping the top 40 show, or the ones of Larry King back in the day. “What you see is what you get … with Females For Hiah!” They are hilarious every time.

I listened faithfully for about 5 years so I know the history.
I even called them a few times and got on the air (you really have to be on your toes when you are talking to those two, let me tell you!). I’ve met and spoken with Robbay and Dennis in RL.
I also have a few other anecdotes about how a simple radio show had insinuated itself into my life. They take awhile to tell.

Sadly, a year and a half ago my local affiliate switched formats and canceled it :(. Haven’t heard them at all since then.

I endorse the Don and Mike show and if they ever came back on the air in my town, I would immediately go back to listening to them as much as possible.

I listened to them occassionally when I lived in the DC area and now when I go back to visit family.


Yer pal,

Shock Jocks suck. Here’s a reality check for all of them; go to an open mike night at a local comedy club and see if the audience there laughs just because you can say “penis” with a phoney accent. As far as I’m concerned “less talk, more rock” shouldn’t just be a slogan, it should be the law.

I’ve never liked shock jocks. It’s easy to insult people on the air, and not very funny.

Here’s where I hijack the thread and put in a plug for Joe Frank, on KCRW. If anyone has Joe Frank’s show on the local NPR station, listen to it! Funny, thought-provoking, weird little tales.

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I’m in D.C. area and yes, I love Don and Mike! Technically, they may be “shock jocks,” but certainly not the likes of Howard Stern. I listen to Howard sometimes in the morning, but it seems like all he talks about is women’s bodies and sex in general. It doesn’t offend me - I guess men like it, but it bores me. Don & Mike talk about everything - politics, t.v. shows, movies, celebrities; yeah, occasionally they get juvenile and talk about who they’d like to “do,” or rate women on their looks, but not often. And Mike’s impersonations are great. These guys get me to laughing while I drive home from work.