Anyone ever play Dungeons and Dragons online?

Any MMORPGamers in here? I’m asking for opinions. This past weekend I grabbed a copy of Dungeons and Dragons Online. I can’t say I 've played it yet, I made a few characters and messed around a bit to learn the system. I finished one quest and that was it. Since the first month is free I figured I had time to decide whether on to I wanted to keep the subscription. Has anyone else played this game before? What are your thoughts on it?

Its not the 1st online game i’ve ever played. I’m used to City of Heroes, and recently I’ve played a little World of Warcraft. WoW is currently my favorite, but thats only because I burnt myself out on CoH.

I never played it but one of my roommates was a beta tester for it and he wasn’t too impressed with it. They worked hard to literally take the tabletop and put it on the game. So from his description I recall you would see the dice roll and stuff like that. Again, this is all hear-say, but thought I’d toss it out there.

I played it for a week or so when the free month offer came out. I hated it. It was clunky and leveling was SO slow. I wasn’t terribly interested in the quest/dungeon offerings. The healing system is horrible…ONE healing shrine per dungeon and you can only use it once! In short, it sucked.

I was also rather unimpressed with the free week demo I got. Leveling is too slow (I suspect this is because other MMORPGs have 40-60 levels, whereas if DDO goes by the normal D20 system, they cap out at level 20 without having to go epic, which seems like too much work for DDO.) However, each level seemed to be divded up into ranks, so you got mini-levels to increase certain abilities and such at about the same rate as another MMORPG.

Re: seeing the diece roll, you only see one die, and it’s just your attack roll. Which brings up the issue of combat. It’s the only MMORPG system where actually moving around, and actively dodging/parrying/attacking is how you actually attack. In other systems, you jsut give the command and away it goes, in DDO, you have to click for every swing of the sword, move to dodge, etc…which turns it into more of an action game, which is not what I was looking for.

And magic is COMPLETLY different than D&D. It uses a spell point system. I only played one spellcasting class (cleric), so I have no idea how it works for sorcerors or mages, but I had a list of spells I knew, and depending on my level, chose what spells I wanted to be able to cast that day. I could then cast each one as many times as I watned, provided I had enoguh spell points. I don’t know how it is worked with the arcane classes, since the whole point behind those in the real D20 system is that a mage knows more spells, but has to prepare them ahead of itme, whereas a sorcerer only knows a few spells, but can cast any one of them on the fly. Someone more familiar can chime in about the difference between them in DDO.

Also, you can ONLY gain XP through quests. There isn’t a place to just run out an bash monsters at. My guess is that this was done to eliminate or at least reduce power gaming.

I haven’t levelled but I did notice that it is kind of slow. In CoH or WoW reaching level 2 is pretty quick.

Again I noticed that, also. It didn’t bother me that much though.

I can’t comment on the magic spells, since I’ve never played a wizard in the tabletop game or this one. (Well, I played a wizard, I just didn’t play very long.) Having no random monsters to squealch powergaming seems like a good idea on the outside, IMHO, but it makes the game a little dull for everyone too.

The graphics did look good, though and the only quest I did do, the one in the tavern basement was fun and looked like it was leading up to a longer adventure. I may try to do more of it. What I don’t like is that the game seems to be pushing the player into “teaming up”. I understand that teamwork and cooperation are part of D&D, and i enjoy that part a lot in the tabletop version and even in Role Playing Online, but I’d like the option of soloing too. (I pretty much made it to the level 50 cap in City of Heroes doing things solo 90% of the time). Not even WoW seems so hell bent in having my characters join a party to adventure. (Even thow WoW can be difficult for soloing in any level over 25 I think.)

A minor turn off to me also was that you have to use the keyboard to move around. I prefer to use the mouse. Also, naming a character was a pain in the butt. You have to pick a first and last name. I tried several names and got the old “Name is taken” message. Even names like Crad Longbarryl". I started using first names like Bill, Joe, Kieth, Fred, etc. same message. So I dropped the last name and tried an exotic first name and a normal last name. It looks like the game is set up in such a way that if either the first or last name is taken you get a “Name Taken” message. I’ll probably play it some more, after all, its free, but I’m not really sure its a keeper.