Anyone ever play the Avatar: The Last Airbender video games?

My wife and I only have a PS2 and Gamecube, so forgive me for asking about an old* game.

We both really like the Last Airbender TV show and we enjoy games that have jump in and drop out gameplay(like Lego games and X-men Legends). From what I’m reading the Avatar games seem to offer that kind of game play and we really like the show a lot, so I figured we should get them.

Anyway, the reviews are quite poor and I’m wondering if any of you have played them.

First game

Second Game

Third Game

The asterisk next to “old” was to indicate that I don’t think they are old games at all. Heck, I liked Zork I. :slight_smile:

I’ve never played them, so my opinion ain’t exactly worth much, but I’d say if the reviews are universally poor, and assuming neither you nor your wife are a young child, then you should steer clear.

Games based on kids TV shows and movies are almost always crummy, since the main audience is kids, who are usually a) not very discerning and b) usually rely on their parents to do their shopping (and most parents who know their kids like video-games and avatar will just grab a game with Ang on the cover and not spend a lot of time pooring over reviews).

My friends and I, being huge fans of the show, rented the third game. It was … semi-decent. If you think about what someone is going to want out of an Avatar game, it’s “I wanna fight with bending!” Into the Inferno has that, at a very basic level. It’s definitely a dungeon crawler, like X-Men Legends. But it’s short, and repetitive, and not challenging at all. It took us maybe two hours to finish the entire game. My recommendation? If you can buy or rent for less than $15, AND if you really, really like Avatar, get it.

The games can’t possibly be as HORRIBLE as M. night Shaamamamdmsdmamdlan’s attempts to bludgeon the franchise to death with his god awful movie!

It’s a great Rifftrax, though.