Anyone Ever Read Unabomber Ted Kaczynski's Writings?

Any thoughts on the Unabomber Manifesto:

In case you are not familiar with him:

As a father and an average guy, I’ve noticed the length and complexity of someone’s explanation for a given act to often be directly proportional to the probability they are lying or abusing sophistry to justify indefensible actions.

There’s no need to sell truth, and a manifesto is the ultimate sales brochure. To hell with Ted. It’s a pity his name is even remembered.

You might be interested in this lengthy discussion from last year:

Thoughts on the Unabomber’s philosophy and sociology

I read it fairly recently actually, I thought he had some valid points about the stressors modern society places on people but then I got to the part where he states that part of the reason he conducted his campaign is that if he wasn’t infamous nobody would read his writings at all. I realised he was exactly right and had a bit of a moral debate with myself whether I should finish it or not.