Theodore Kaczynski, Sci Fi writer?

While looking up details of various science fiction short stories, I ran across something interesting. I found a listing for a story called ‘Baby Boomers’ written by a Theodore Kaczynski, published in Galaxy in 1961.

Of course, I recognized the name as being the same as the infmaous ‘Unabomber’. I know he wrote quite a lot, most notably his manifesto (which I believe came to light after his capture). Whether this is the same Kaczynski, or just a coincidence, I don’t know. I’ve scoured the web and can’t find anything to link the two together.

Does anyone know if this IS the same person? Does anyone know what the story was about?

Seems he (the unabomber) was 16 in 1958. So, unlikely:

Plus, the media would have disclosed unabomber’s publications.

But ebay has this book:

Would the story be in there?

This list says it was published in 1969, not 1961:

Is it also coincidence that the publication date is April 1? I note that the other publication dates on the list are just months, not specific dates. If it’s a gag, it’s either delicately subtle or profoundly obtuse, I can’t make up my mind which.

In 1961, the Unabomber would have been an undergraduate at Harvard. 1969 would have been a couple years after his PhD, while he was a faculty member at Berkeley.

My bad. You’re right. It was 1969. Don’t know where I got 61 from…That makes more sense from a timing point of view.
I’m always sceptical when I see Apr. 1st as a date, but I couldn’t imagine what the gag would be.

And the site you pointed out was the same one that I found. I haven’t been able to find any other reference besides that one.

Baby Boomers vs. The Unabomber

I searched using this site (warning, possible popups) and came up with 7 Theodore Kaczynskis. Two of the listings give a birth date in 1964.