Anyone excited about "Children of Dune" on SciFi?

2 more weeks and SciFi will show the second installment of one of SciFi’s greatest masterpieces…Dune:Children of Dune.

Are they going to produce all 7 original books?

First thing first, Frank only wrote 6 books, but it seems that he left notes for a 7th that will be written by his son, after he finishes the Butlerian Jihad trilogy.

I hope that Sci-Fi produces the entire series, but like anything else today - money talks. If the ratings are as good as they were for Dune, there is no reason to think that they won’t make Dune Messiah at the very least. Plus the first three books are a true trilogy. GEoD will be tough to do if for the only reason that the FX for Leto will be pretty expensive, I imagine.

No. I am not excited. After the first one, I wish a pox on all sci-fi channel execs.

Hell, yeah I’m excited.

I have no doubt that it’s gonna suck rocks, but I’m excited.

Adam - I feel like such a loser…I read the series like 4 times in it’s entirity and still don’t know how many books.

I wasn’t excited when Children of Dune came out as a book. I felt then (as I do now) that Herbert was diluting the impact of Dune by writing sequels.

What did the two of you not like about the show? Compared to the David Lynch film, Sci-Fi did a great job.

What would you have done differently?

It just seems to me that Dune will piss off anybody if it isn’t the way they pictured it in their mind while reading the book (s). I have said before that the best way to do the whole series would be as anime.

It is a different director this time around, and much of the cast is new as well, so even if you hated the last one (I like it fairly well, except for the stupid inane costumes) it wouldn’t hurt you to check out a few minutes of this one.

The Lynch version thrives on its style and scope (which is pretty impressive) but manages to be almost incoherent in narrative. The Sci-Fi version has all the world and then some to tell the story (which it does pretty well) and has a ambitious production design, but those phony deserts with curtained landscape backdrops do expect much from the viewer’s imagination.

The only way any filmed version of Dune will ever get the right balance of narrative coherency and production value is the Peter-Jackson/LOTR model…cut the narrative up into 2 or 3 separate movies and throw 300 million into putting them on screen. It’ll probably never happen, but who knows.

Here is a review from the now defunct “Daily Radar” (Gosh, how I miss them) of the first part to the original Sci-fi channel Dune mini-series. It almost perfectly encapsulates how I feel.

There was no turn-around, the rest of the series was just as bad and I did not even bother to finish watching it.

I saw the Sci-Fi version of Dune. I loved the costumes. And the accents. And the acting. And the choreography. I even purchased the DVD.

I am so there for COD.

Well, I agree that the Sci-Fi channel sucks tremendously(all because they cancelled the greatest show…Farscape).

Anyway, my understanding, which goes way back to when they filmed this miniseries back in early to mid 2001(why it took so long to air it is beyond me) is that Dune Messiah will be covered in the first 2 hours, with Children of Dune being covered in the final 4 hours. They chose the title Children of Dune since it is longer and more interesting.

Mahaloth - that’s quite interesting…maybe Adam was right after all…the best way to deal with this story is to hand over to the best anime makers/producers (whatever they are called)

Given that COD is mostly Leto II babbling about how smart he is while he’s tripping, I don’t expect the SF channel’s version to be anything like the book.

Personally, I thought Children of Dune was the second best book in the series (after Dune, of course). Leto II is my favorite character in the series, and I am very interested to see how he is portrayed.

I am worried about the changes that have been made. I checked out the Scifi Channel’s website, and apparently they’ve made Leto II and Ghanima into teenagers. To me, this really dilutes the impact of Leto’s sacrifice: he gave up not only his humanity but also his chance at life as an adult. That was the fact that was really poignant later on for Leto.

Ah well, I’ll be watching no matter what.

"Personally, I thought Children of Dune was the second best book in the series (after Dune, of course). Leto II is my favorite character in the series, and I am very interested to see how he is portrayed. "

Same here. But still… it likely won’t make for interesting TV as originally plotted.

well i hope the freemen dont keep the robin hood and his merry men outfits in COD, i think that sci-fi could have learned something from the movie dune from the 80s. it was dark and i think fit the book, even though the movie didnt follow the book that well.

still, im looking forward to COD, i just wish i had the $$$ to make dune the way we all know it should have been made.

I like the Lynch film. I hate the SciFi miniseries especially with the way that the Fremen were wasting moisture so much by being out of their stillsuits all the time.

I even thought Children of Dune was better than the original book.