Anyone Facebook "friends" with a celeb?

Yes, this is how I meant the OP.

My daughter is FB friends with one of the Hudson Brothers – not sure which one. He’s not that popular anymore so there’s not a lot of traffic on his page.

Anne Rice has a FB presence, which she has reportedly used to get her fans to attack reviewers who pan her books.

The closest facebook celebrity friend I have is pretty obscure. She is a best selling mystery writer with whom I went to high school:

Patricia Bremmer

I’m Facebook friends with SF/Fantasy authors John Ringo and Larry Correia.

I was friends with Joanna Angel for a while, until she hit the (then? current?) limit of 5000 friends. It was a combination personal and promotional profile, but instead of being a page one “liked,” one sent a friend request. After the limit was reached, she took it down and put up a more traditional like-able page.

A few local/regional DJs/promoters still do their pages as personal friend-able profiles; wanna follow DJ Slater Hogan, for instance, you just send a friend request. It’s kind of weird to see promotion after promotion for various house nights, contests to win bottle service somewhere, then see him check in while picking up his kids from daycare.

Not on Facebook, but on Twitter. Some of the Star Trek cast members, back in the day, would follow you back.

Then one night Andrew Zimmern’s confirmed account followed me, for reasons I can’t guess, because I didn’t follow him at the time.

If Twitter is to be believed, Edward James Olmos started following me. I don’t know why he would, since I update maybe once every six months when I’ve convinced myself I’ll finally get into Twitter and then forget about it within a 3 day span.

My husband is Facebook friends with Garrett Wang from Star Trek Voyager, though.

I am friends with Jeff Skinner (Carolina Hurricane) and Tim Dorsey (author).

I’m still not sure exactly what the OP is getting at, but a couple of days ago I struck up a conversation with a Facebook stranger who turned out to be the widow of a well-known (in the 1970s) television composer. Everybody over the age of forty is familiar with his work. Not sure if that fits the bill or not. There was no question as to her identity, though.

Here’s Olmos’ confirmed Twitter account. If there’s a blue checkmark next to their name, that means it’s been confirmed by Twitter outside of the website. As for why he’d follow you, it looks like he has a ton of feeds he follows. He likely just follows everyone that follows him (there’s some functions that aren’t allowed between people who don’t follow each other). It’s also a good sign that he doesn’t handle his own account, but rather has a publicist that does the heavy lifting.

Sci-fi/fantasy authors David Gerrold (who doesn’t know me from Adam’s cat), Mike Stackpole (who kind of does, though more years ago than now), Jacqueline Lichtenberg, and Jean Lorrah.

I’m friends with the girl who owns Tartar Sauce…otherwise known as Grumpy Cat.
She lives here, in Arizona too and we’ve talked a little bit in PMs.

No celebs. I’m Facebook Friends with several musicians, though none are known to the general public. A few of them would be known to a few Dopers, such as Breezy Peyton of Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Donnette Thayer of Hex and Game Theory, Sarah Fimm, Kate Havnevik and Noe Venable. I’m Friends with an author a few people might know, Charles de Lint.

She does not. It’s the other way around. She doesn’t mind constructive criticism but if she’s unfairly attacked in a review, which happens quite often, she wants her fans to let her know so she can respond if she wants. I’ve been following her for a few years (even though I’ve never read any of her books or even seen the Tom Cruise movie-I follow her for other reasons) and I’ve never seen her sic her fans on a reviewer. If a reviewer was just being an asshole, some of her fans might go after them, but I don’t think she put them up to it. She seems like a decent, level-headed person.

I’m Facebook friends with author John Ringo.
I know it really is him. When he writing and needs name for characters he will put a call out on FB. I was the first to answer early one morning. As a result in his latest book To Sail a Darkling Sea I am a minor character.
So yeah I know it’s him.

Todd Rundgren follows me on Twitter. I know a lot of people follow everyone who follows them, but Todd is followed by 12,000 people and only follows 121. So that’s pretty cool.

OMG,I had a woman who was obessed with WWE claim that she was “friends” with WWE wrestlers…She didn’t understand that they farmed her out to some intern.

Cool! I’ll be seeing them in Pittsburgh later this month.

A few people - Christopher Lee (I don’t think it’s him, but I think it’s someone closely associated with him…or not, who knows?). Monte Hellman. Nick Lowe’s producer (does that count?). Geraint Watkins…several others.

My favorite “friending story” - I used the opening title shot from The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (the Roger Corman flick) as my FB cover page during February. I was friended by Charlie Dierkop, who played Salvanti in the movie. He’s probably better known as Robert Shaw’s bodyguard in The Sting, or Detective Pete Royster on Police Woman.

Anyway - made my day. He’s a nice guy.


I’m FB friends with Fred Hembeck though he accepts a lot of friend requests, so I’m not significant in any way. He does send me happy birthday messages though, so that’s pretty cool. I love his knees.

No…but in trying to find Ronald Moore to ask him a question, I found his dad instead.