Anyone Facebook "friends" with a celeb?

I’m currently chatting with someone claiming to be Arianny Celeste. Am I right to be cynical? Her answers to questions seem too “spit out” to be real.

You think someone would do that? Just go on the internet and lie about being someone else?

I’m FB “friends” with David Gerrold, and friended A.C. Crispin literally a week before her death. I’m reasonably certain that they are (were) who they claim(ed) to be, because what profit is there in pretending to be a relatively low-profile sci-fi writer?

Jay-I’m inclined to agree. I’m “friends” with a minor model, and semi-famous poker player.

A lot, a LOT of Facebook pages and Twitter accounts of actors, musicians and other celebrities are actually set up by the actual people themselves and they will occasionally post to tweet themselves, offering a crust of bread to their slavering fans. Of course there are outliers like Keith Olbermann who delights in engaging with, trolling and owning people who attack him and Patton Oswalt who will interact with the common people fairly regularly. I have been responding to a certain actors tweets for about nine months now, they have answered nearly 70 times and favorited about as many of my tweets.

But most celebs with partner up with a social media company like Audience located conveniently enough in Los Angeles. They were featured in a recent Frontline show called 'Generation Like." The company will work with a celebrity to increase or try and increase a celeb’s brand and name recognition and monetize the celeb. they will also work with the celebs ‘team’ and especially the publicist to handle the celeb’s various social media accounts like Facebook/twitter. This means the publicist or media company, NOT the celeb will be the one posting. This is pretty easy to spot as the posts by the publicist/media company are little more than whoring out the celeb’s latest project or appearance at a premier or on a talk show during which whore out their project.

Even writing and asking for an autograph is a crapshoot, as many stars have the publicist or family member sign or use an electronic pen.

And yes I do love to destroy peoples dreams, I find it quite scrumptious.

Larking-I agree, hence the cynicism I mentioned in the OP. Will look for that Frontline ep.

Here’s a link to the episode.

TY! Will definitely watch once my desktop works! Needs virus scan.

It’s pretty interesting showing how social media is used to push and promote movies and tv shows and how companies like Audience use teens on Facebook and Twitter to push and promote stuff, which is essentially free labor, meaning you might not have to spend $4,000,000 or whatever making more tv promo spots. I still don’t quite understand how they go from teens promoting (insert celeb or project here) on Twitter and Facebook to monetizing to actual money.

I did notice this in real life when the cast of Star Crossed did a group live Tweet session during the premiere episode two weeks ago and the two leads Aimee Teegarden and Matt Lantner did a facebook Q&A and there’s also the reddit IAMA’s.

Yeah I shouted, “Marketplace!!!” when I heard his voice. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m friends with Nicole Narain-ex Playboy model and tv host. I went to high school with her. My sister is the one who was better friends with her though. It is strange how whenever she posts something, she’ll have like 150 people telling her how great she is.

Porn star Justine Joli follows me on Twitter, after we unexpectedly had a brief conversation, via Wil Wheaton. (Wil doesn’t follow me, though he has replied to my tweets on occasion)

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I’m friends with several aging but cool rock musicians. And when I say friends I mean actual posting back and forth.

I’m FB friends with a few comedians/podcasters, a couple of which have their own television show or are touring headlining comics. They’re actual acquaintances that know who I am, though I wouldn’t say we’re actual “friends.”

I think the spirit of the thread is, have any of us friended a celeb without actually knowing hiim/her and have them accept and if him/her is actually genuine. I haven’t. All of my pseudo-celeb friends (poker players, actors, etc.) are friends and acquaintances I’ve met in real life prior.

I’m friends with a couple local newscasters. It is truly amazing how people will slobber over the most inane post they make.

I also friended Curtis Granderson when he was still a Tiger, and before he reached his friend limit and started a Curtis Granderson “page” for fans. We most definitely aren’t friends in real life though.

Most of mine are pro wrestlers. I’m actual Facebook friends (as opposed to liking their page) with Bull Buchanan, Doug Somers, and Marty Janetty, as well as some local wrestling celebrities. Also a local newspaper publisher and mover-and-shaker, and Allie Brosh.

I have quite a lot of SF writers as Facebook friends since I know many of them in real life. They include Adam-Troy Castro, David Gerrold, Jack McDevitt, Rob Sawyer, Warren Lapine, Nancy Kress, Sharon Lee, Steve Miller, Pamela Sargent, Norman Spinrad, and others.

Long ago when Facebook was fairly new, I “liked” the Pittsburgh Penguin public page. I received a friend request from Mario Lemieux which was an accident (he was new to Facebook and thought he was on the team’s page, not his personal page). He apologized and we unfriended each other to get back to square one. But for two or three days we were buddies!

I barely have a FB profile, let alone friends. Although FB suggested I friend Steve Wozniak. I sent a friend request, nada.