Anyone feel like wallowing in immaturity?

There was report on this evening’s All Things Considered about teen sexual behavior and its ramifications for the spread of STDs. Very serious topic, right? The giggle-factor is there, but as a mature adult I should probably be able to listen to them talking about blowjobs on NPR without untoward mirth.

But the name of one of the researchers is Dr. Manlove.

It was a “driveway moment” for me; I sat in the car listening to the story, and sniggering like a twelve-year-old.

Have a listen. Count then number of times Allison Aubrey says “Manlove.”


“Good afternoon Dr Manlove.”
“Oh please, Allison, call me Knobgobbler!”

snerk :smiley:

A friend of mine used to work for a sex therapist in Illinois whose name was Dick Proctor. This name is somewhat amusing just pronounced straight, but it gets better if you turn it into a Spoonerism.

Was the therapist an MD or PhD? Doctor Dick Proctor?

'Fraid not. He was a psychiatric social worker. It’s not easy to make anything naughty out of that. I tried, though.

Thanks, Podkayne. <giggling>

I don’t have to listen to that, you’re a PREvert!


Wait, I listened, and I heard no "Manlove"s!



I have on a professional basis encountered a man named Dick Wunderlich (pronounced Wonder-Lick). Let’s leave it at that.

snicker doesn’t do it justice. I’m gonna be lauging about this all day, and then some.

There’s a male fertility expert in New Jersey who’s named Eric Seaman, MD.


A girl I used to date had an OB/GYN named Dr. Harlfinger. She went to another OB/GYN named Dr. Handy…