Anyone for a game of chess then ???

If so make your move :slight_smile:

:: swipes all the pieces to the ground and heaves board accross the room ::
:: stamps feet ::

“This game sucks!”

– that’s generally my strongest (and most common) chess move.

  1. e4
  1. e4 (“Best by test” Bobby Fischer)

Pawn to Caps Lock key.

“When I have white, I win because I am white. When I have black, I win because I am Fischer.” — Bobby Fischer

Boy, it’s been ages since I played chess. I’d forgotten there even was a second baseman.

2 - Knee to center board

And we ended up with seven different games as people chose different moves? But hey, I love chess, so I’ll bite.

[Event “SDMB game”]
[Site “SDMB”]
[Date “2001.10.15”]
[Round “1”]
[White “Some Dopers”]
[Black “Some Other Dopers”]
[Result “*”]

  1. e4 c5 2. *
  1. e4 c5
  2. d4

You sunk my battleship!


  1. … Nf5
    The usual rules for this sort of game is that once you play for a side, you can’t subsequently play for another side. The first post in for a side counts, as long as it clearly indicates the move number. Also, if you make a move for your side, you shouldn’t make the next move unless a certain amount of time (like 8 hours or so) has passed.

I assume another rule is that you only make legal moves. :slight_smile:

You know, I noticed that just after I posted but didn’t get back here for a while … or maybe I was just demonstrating the next rule, yeah, that’s it.

Anyway, I suppose it should be that illegal moves (and any subsequent ones based on them) are invalid.

So, since there’s no valid move yet, that’ll be :

  1. … Nf6.

I wish you luck, but these arrangements usually slide into one or two players on each side playing different plans with varying standards of play.

I had a couple of games by e-mail with barbitu8, which were well-contested.

I’m happy to play that way again.
My ELO is 2320. (where’s that smug smilie when you need it?)

Prawn to horsey-three.

He say “He can shout, don’t hear you.”


(Yes, I’m serious.)

The original is, “When I have white, I win because I play the white pieces. When I have black, I win because I am Bogolyubov.” (Easy for him to say.)

This would have been known to Fischer, Spassky, Karpov, Petrosian, etc.

“When I am white, I win because I am white. When I am black, I win because of absinthe.”

– Paul Morphy, New Orleans, 1861

It takes a strong heart to win with black.


You’re right. It was Bogoljubov.