Anyone For Mad Pig Brain Pneumaticers Disease?

I realize it doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue (how I miss the days when diseases had names not acronyms), but it’s probably what they’ll call it.

I’m just wondering who thought it was a good idea?

Well, would you rather clean out pig brains with your hands?

I’m only partially joking - if they gotta be cleaned out, you might as well do it by having as little direct contact with it as possible. The workers should have been given a face mask to prevent inhilation of pig-brain parts, just on the basic principle that inhaling little bits of biological tissue day after day after day is probably not a good idea.

The infected workers and their families have my sympathy.

But most places leave the brains in cause nobody wants them.

What do they do with the brains?

People eat them.

Oh wait. Did you mean the non-blown out brains ? According to the article they’re just left in the skull and “disposed of.”

Purina Zombie Chow™–It Does A zombie Good! :smiley:

Observe the cholesterol content. :eek:

Wow! That stuff could kill ya!

If you live in Austin, Minnesota, you pretty much inhale some sort of pig-flesh particles every day, what with Hormel (that’s HOR-mull, folks) and Quality Pork as major employers. The whole town smells like bacon on good days and, well–vaporized pig brains on bad days.

This was NOT the threat to read whilst eating.


And you didn’t figure that out from the title? :confused:

What are they gonna do? Die?

No, but they can really pack on the pounds and do you have any idea how hard it is for the undead to lose weight in an attractive manner?

Huh. I never notice any particular odor when I’m there, but I only go there every now and then to shop at Target / Staples / one of those other stores we don’t have here.

I do remember how Farmstead used to smell before it burned down, though. (And, I suppose, how it smelled as it was burning down.) It one sense it’s almost like the smell of gasoline - if you catch just a small whiff of it at the right moment, it’s kind of pleasing. But catch it wrong and it makes you gag.

It’ll rot & drop off, just like the noses.

AAaaaand now, I just got a great idea for a telemarketed system of losing weight! :cool:

Yes, but if you’re going for that “skinny and freshly dead” look that’s all the rage these days. . .

Let’s talk about that telemarketing scheme.

“Become Undead–Lose Weight Fast!!™”

We’ll make millions.

I’d rather sell crack to kindergarteners. It’s more ethical. :wink: