Anyone from Appalachia? Is it getting better?

Those damn Tibetan numerologists are holding them back.

I spent a lot of time several years ago in Barbourville, KY. It was like stepping back in time. There were things I couldn’t believe. Like the time I was invited to go visit a lady to get some information from her. When I arrived at her home she asked if she and her little boy could visit with me in my car because it was warmer in my car than her house. This lady wasn’t embarrassed at all to tell me this. In her world, it was just a fact.

You might encounter a curious stare, but if you gave any indication of being neighborly, the people there were more than willing. On the other hand, most people I came to know there were either armed or had a weapon handy.

I met proud people there who lived in total poverty but were self sufficient and wouldn’t consider taking a dime from the Govt. Most people I encountered were not looking for a hand out but liked the fact that training, etc. was being made available so that their children could better themselves.

Actually, if I remember correctly from other posts where you’ve mentioned your location, you do live fairly close to me. (I was all impressed at the time, finding someone who lived nearby…so I remembered. :)) I live in the Tri-Cities also, though not in the same city.

Ahhh! I haven’t realy been around for a while–you’ve changed your screen name, no?

Me? Changed my screen name? Nah.