I'm a hick and I am proud of it.

Well howdy everybody. I have been lurking here long enough and I think it is time to make my presence known. I am etgaw1, and I, my freinds am a good ol’ country hick. I am proud that I am a hick. I grew up in the back woods of Pennsylvania. I loved it, I used to go up on the hill with my dog and stay up there for hours, when I got home I had to hose my self down before I went inside. My high school had 800 student, grade 7-12 that satisfied 7 communities. I took dirt roads to get to school and to half of my freinds houses. I love the smell of fresh laid manure and the taste freshly killed venison. I like bluegrass music and old country. (I even own a banjo). God I love the country.

I just wanted to say hello to y’all and see if there are any other country boys and gals out there. Even if your are one of dem city folks say hello, we love ya crazy people. If you have any question or comment about the simpler life feel free to share.

Y’all have a nice day now ya hear.

How’d y’all get a southern accent down there in Pennsylvania ?

It is not at true southern accent more like a modified pennsylvanian one that spawns from the country atmoshere.

Interesting. You may be the only Pennsylvanian I’ve ever encountered who has used the expression “y’all”. This is noteworthy considering that I lived in rural western PA for eight years and eastern PA for two years. I visit my brother in Amish country with some frequency. Is your family transplanted in PA from the South perhaps? When I think of PA, I think of the expression “yu’ns” rather than “y’all”. From what part of Pennsylvania do you hail?

I am a displaced country boy living in Atlanta. I am from rural Indiana and I fed cattle, bailed hay, and built houses for a living as a young-un. Undercover good-ol-boy checkin’ in.

well the y’all and howdy are something that i just picked up . Not many people use it. I come from northwest PA about an hour east of erie. I also come from the land where carbonated beverages are called POP. Woo Hoo I love POP.

etgaw1, I have but one question: do you like the Braves?

BTW there are several attractive dopers in and around PA. I suggest you check them out :).

“yu’ns” !

I have to get back to school. I’m in MI until I return to U of Pitt in three weeks. I miss the accents. I have heard the southern tones in various PA accents, but I’m a true Northerner, so the change may be more distinct for my ears.

I’m just a city boy, but my geometry teacher last year was a hick from Pennsylvania. He always said y’all. He also always said homeworks. Never homework. Always homeworks. Just thought I’d share.

An hour east of Erie? So, ya ever pop down to Oil City? I’ve been there a few times, but not since about 1990.

Hey maybe I use some words more that I think. I might use y’all all the time and not know it.

Yeah I have been down Oil City. I was in a couple of wrestling tourney’s there. Not a bad place, has that nice Refinery smell that reminds me of home. To put a name to the area I live in Warren county. Deep in the heart of Kinzua county at the head waters of the Allegeney River. Great place. I wish I was there now but I am going to school in Philadelphia.

I really don’t like the Braves that much. I am stuck between Pitt and Buffalo so I go with those 2 cities leaning more to Pitt.

People like you make me afraid to leave New York City.

We call that state West of New Jersey “Pennsyltucky”

Ya know Rich maybe I should invite you up to go hunting. Problem is I only have one set of flare ornge hunting gear I guess you will have to go with camo.

Oh yeah one more thing I tend to shoot at anything that moves.

:: Story for cop

Really officer with no orange i really thought he was a deer. Really.

To quote another poster from another thread:

Do I hear banjos in the background??

Not in my thread. Hear we have banjos in the foreground.

Struggs forever

yuns? Heathens, it is yins or yinz.
“We are the Burgh. Yinz need assimilated.”

etgaw, your cover is blown. Any self respectin’, banjo pickin’, bluegrass lovin’ hick knows it’s Scruggs. As in Flatt and Scruggs. Lester Flatt. Earl Scruggs. Humble beginnings, hooked up with Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys in the 40’s, left to form what became the most widely known bluegrass band ever. If you’ve heard the theme tune from “The Beverly Hillbillies”, you’ve heard Flatt and Scruggs.

“Struggs”, indeed. I’ll bet you live in a city.

I’m from Pennsylvania, but from the very eastern part - down in the corner south of Philadelphia. So hearing the western PA-isms at school (right in the middle of the state) is really amusing. My favorite to date is “all yins y’all”.