Call Tommy Lee Jones!

This calls for a song!


The best state in the land!

Where they grow, the idoits so bland.

Mississippi flows in the sea

That the place to be

If you commit a felony.

(This is based on a song I learned in my Baton Rouge, LA kindegraden.)
sigh I was born and raised in Louisiana. Like any other place, we have our share of fools, but for some reason they get more attention than most. (Thanks, Katrina.) This story got my attention because most of my relatives on my father’s side of the family work for the LA penal system. I can’t help but wonder if one of my relations let this guy slip away. . .

Ha. Try being from Kentucky, and see how much national scorn gets heaped your way whenever anybody wants a shorthand for “stupid and ignorant.” :rolleyes:

So, I feel your pain.

Ah, got to love the American South. :rolleyes: Now I live in Colorado, people are surprized that I don’t have an accent. I worked to lose it when I starting going to a Colorado high school. The moving a Southern adolescent to a Western state is a form a child abuse in my opinion. :wink:

Here’s a bumper sticker I saw while visting my hometown: Louisiana, Third World and Proud of it.