How goes it, Pittsburgh-area Dopers?

Just yesterday, we were hit with some pretty severe weather. Some areas are totally flooded out, people are still without power, Millvale is completely flooded, etc. We’re still in a state emergency. The creeks everywhere were overflowing, trees and power lines were down. I almost didn’t make it to work-fortunately, my father, who drove me, knows every back road there is around here.

I was at work yesterday when we were hit with a tornado. It wasn’t nearly as bad as some areas, and we were damned lucky. But part of the upper windows/roof blew in, throwing insulation EVERYWHERE, we had kids crying, people freaking out, etc. There were trees down on the patios, broken glass, etc.

My aunt in Ligonier still doesn’t have power. Ours came back on this morning at 11 am. Fortunately, my grandmother, who lives in Greensburg, didn’t lose power. (Considering she’s 89 and not in the greatest health, I’m very grateful.)

So, how is everyone-if anyone here is in the Millvale area, you have my good wishes and prayers.

Crap. I didn’t realize it was so severe in the area. Yeah, let us know how you’re doing guys.

Ah, man! I so sympathize with those folk!

Glad your Grandmother didn’t lose power. I think of that because my very last assignment as a consultant was in Greensburg. I was there for a whole year. (June 2005-late June 2006). Working with Allegheny Power.

Such NICE people there! I still remember my regular stops down the hill at Mr. Bones.

I just hate to hear this, those Allegheny pros are sure gonna have their hands full.

I’m sorry if I’m talking like a long-time resident, I don’t mean to do so. But the people I met and knew, truly were the salt of the earth. I so wish them the best. Hey, I may have passed your Grandmother on the street at some point!