'Burgh Dopers, Check In!

Hello folks. For those of you who don’t know, yesterday, Pittsburgh got hit with 5.9" of rain in 24 hours, breaking the old record of 3.6" set last Thursday. As a result, there’s been a lot of flooding, evacuation, etc. I’m lucky. I’m well above any nearby creeks, and my brother tells me my parents’ place is OK, but I’ll be stopping by this afternoon to have a look myself.

How about the rest of you, though. Are you all right? Also, what would anyone say to an Dopefest in early October?


You should talk. Down here in Marietta (Ohio) we’re told the reason the Ohio is over it’s banks (GOODBYE business district!)(no foolin’…Wal-Mart is going to have an arbitrarily large insurance claim) is all the water coming down from Pennsylvania.

Get me…we have 5 inches of rain yesterday, too. But that combined with yours is creaming us poor river folk.

Wow, that’s a lot of water.

Stay safe, y’all.

Yep, I’m watching the Ohio River slowly encroach on my house now, and I can’t do a damn thing about it. :mad:

Well, over here in Youngstown I saw a lot of rain, but when I was out today, my immediate area doesn’t have any flooding that I saw - but with Frances, they said that the flooding was mostly in the counties south of us as well, or in the flood-prone areas around town (apparently, I chose my apartment well, since it hasn’t flooded in either storm - at least I hope I chose well!)
Depending on my schedule, I might be up for an October 'fest - if nothing else, so I can start meeting some of the (relatively) local dopers.

Yep. Less than 40 feet (I measured) seperates the flood from my property.

Wish us luck.

We were okay-our house is up on a hill, but the people below us weren’t so lucky-house up to the second stories, one house that was recently remodeled is almost totally wrecked. The bridge down the block is probably going to see some serious repair work-that and the road there is all buckled. The firehall got flooded-last night my dad and I took a walk down that way and we could see through the garage doors the water swishing around in there. It’s a huge mess.

Did anyone watch the news and see the dock that broke away with boats still attached? For those who didn’t, think of a long charm bracelet-the dock being the chain, and the boats being the charms. It would be comical if it weren’t so serious.

Yeah, the ride home yesterday was fun (not…). The turnpike was closed for hours last night where Deer Creek flooded it out. It was just creeping up toward the road when I came through there around 5:00pm…they had pictures on the news that showed it flooded completely that had to be no later than maybe 7:00pm, if that.
Ran some errands today - there were still roads closed everywhere.

Perhaps if it’s feasible (money wise and if the place is in good shape), we should have the next PittDope at the Blarney Stone.

It got hit pretty bad this time - people were trapped inside, just like the last time if I recall correctly…

We’re okay here in Motown, a little south of you folks. But then, we’re on hills.

Dopefest sounds intriguing, especially since I can’t make the big one in NY…

Yeah, the Stone always takes it in the shorts when the flooding starts. My mom lost her car in the parking lot back in '88.
And Jonathon if you see my uncle’s boat go by, could you grab it? Otherwise, I’m going to have to go to New Orleans and work my way north until I find it.