Anyone from Tulsa, OK?

I might go to Tulsa in a few weeks, for both business and vacation. I looked at some Tulsa websites already. But I want to know if Tulsa is really such a great city. One guy who moved there several years ago says it’s been rated one of the top 3 cities in the US to live in.
So does anyone live there or has anyone been there for a while? What cool things are there to do?
Just to make things clearer, I live in Germany, but I have spent 10 months living in Pennsylvania and I have been to several other states on the east-coast, too.

Oh my God. You live in Germany, one of the best places (IMHO) to possibly live, and you’re going to frikkin’ Tulsa?!?

I’ll pray for you.

Sorry MattK. I have beloved relatives in Oklahoma and I cannot STAND that state. It is one of the ugliest spots on the earth.

Gramma, please forgive me.

Parts of Oklahoma are ugly, yes. Tulsa is not. I grew up in Oklahoma City (one of the ugly parts), but had family around Tulsa and Broken Arrow. My wife is from Porter. Once you get near Tulsa, you get into the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, and the landscape and the trees change. The northeastern part of the state is greener, and there are hills and things like that you don’t see in the western parts.

Tulsa is also the cultural center of the state, what with the Skellys and the other oil barons who built museums and funded symphonies, and what have you. There are great street festivals, great live music venues and bars, and an all-around more relaxed and liberal lifestyle.

For cool things to do–well, it depends on the time of year. But check out the museums, check out the bar scene. I’ve not been back in 3 or 4 years, so I don’t know what’s changed. Just remember, especially since you’re from Germany, Oklahoma beer is only 3.5% alcohol, so it’ll take you more than a few Buds to get a good buzz on.

Enjoy it, and take it for what it’s worth–it ain’t N’Awlins, but then again, it ain’t Topeka.

I love Tulsa. I used to live there but haven’t been to any place but the airport, Oz and Peace of Mind in several years, but I am aware that a lot of things have opened up lately and I hear raves from the friends that are still there.

Listen to stofsky.

I have been chastised.

I grew up in Tulsa; lived there from age 7 until I went to college. My suggestion for the municipal motto is “It’s a nice place to live, but you wouldn’t want to visit there.” It was a really nice place to grow up, but it can be a little boring, especially if you’re going there from a bigger place.

I re-read that, and it looks like I was bashing Tulsa. I’m not; it really is a nice place. And I haven’t been back for more than a few days in many years, so I couldn’t really tell you what it’s like now in much detail.

It is beatiful around there, though. Trees, hills, non-grid based street plans in many neighborhoods.

Apparently, the ballet there is pretty much world-class (my stepmother is big into the organization), but the season’s over for the year, I think. I have this vague recollection of my dad telling me something like that a few days ago. Still, there’s Gilcrease Museum, probably the greatest repository of Western American art in the world. Some good restaurants too, although most of the ones I remember probably aren’t there anymore.

So there you go. Say hi to Tulsa for me!

No one living in Tulsa is ok.
hmm, wonder if I’m gonna get flamed by okies… (and stop stealing our toast)

Clever Hans: Texan till I move.

My mom lives in nearby Sand Springs, so I’ve visited Tulsa tons of times. It’s a pretty nice place, actually - you’d hardly know you were in Oklahoma :smiley:


I lived in Tulsa when I was a youngun’ . Cant really remember much about it. But the one thing I do remember is “Coney Island Hot Dogs” You have to go there and eat if you get the chance. That is if they’re still in bussiness.

Wow. I’ve been to Tulsa twice in the last two years and it has sucked both times.

My judgement is this: Worst place in America (next to Fresno, CA.)

Skip the Tulsa trip and go back to PA.

–==the sax man==–

They’re still there, Shakes. Everywhere!

Now what? I guess I’ll just see for myself. Thanks for all the info.
It is definitely going to be more interesting than the place in PA. Because that was Meadville, a small town with nothing to do.